13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


17. Farrah

At the same time Angela sat looking out of the window of a huge, intricately decorated ferry, watching as they passed numerous unsuspecting boats. She sighed. Two of Steelo and Skull's henchmen sat opposite her, both with their hands on their guns as if they were ready to fire instantly should Angela try something. The teal ocean surrounded her, enclosing her in a world of sapphire hues. The sky, too, was blue and the array of clouds hung like puffs of snow white smoke, dotted on the stretch of navy. She thought of Jamie, Dennis and Ashley, sealed up from the world in that eerie black room. She had yelled till her lungs were blue when the two menaces had shoved Jamie and the others into the black room. This, however, did nothing but make them laugh and stare at her in amusement. They had sent her on this ferry to a place she had never even heard of before - Farrah. Apparently it was somewhere up North, though Angela refused to believe in such a place. Angela then thought back further and further into her memories and long since forgotten dreams. She thought of Adam and his emerald glinting eyes. She also thought of Graham and Celene. She remembered how the three of them would cuddle up and watch t.v together. It was usually just normal t.v, but on their anniversary they would watch their wedding video, though when Graham died she watched the tape most nights, falling asleep to the quiet sounds of celebration and happiness. It seemed like a dream now, a simple past life. The ferry came to a stop and she was plunged back to reality.

"This is Farrah?," Angela asked as the two armed guards led her down into the mouth of a huge chasm. Angela trekked lightly as if afraid the floor would give way. Crystal-like gems shone inside the cave, studding it's dark walls with beads of light. Shiny water coated the stony edges giving the whole chasm a glossy appearance. Stalactites and stalagmites hung from the ceiling and emerged from the ground creating what would almost seem to be an obstacle course. They were dripping small droplets of water onto the ground below, creating a natural rhythm of music. This was drastically different to what Angela had expected, or even imagined. She didn't even realize a place like this existed. "No, this is only the bridge on the way," one of the men explained. "Careful though, the ceiling could collapse," the other added, causing Angela to feel uneasy and study the ceiling for the possibility of it subsiding. The chasm stretched far, and yet it only took around half an hour to see the daylight at the end. The ring of light reflected upon the walls as if it was bursting into the darkness, fighting it back further into the tunnel. As they emerged from the dimness of the chasm, Angela let out a gasp. Lush, verdant grass glazed the ground in a luxuriant carpet. All shades of green surrounded her and trees lined the outside of the huge field. Olive-coloured ferns, jade leaved saplings and avocado bushes littered the what seemed like 'khaki paradise', giving the stretch of land an exotic but natural look.

"Don't think this last's forever. This place is dangerous. We ought to find the temple quickly so we can get out of here," one of the guards warned Angela. Dangerous?, she repeated the word in her head, thinking, how could this place be dangerous? Together the three of them walked on. Angela glanced around, admiring the landscapes and their beauty. They then came to a huge, sandy-bronze temple. Symbols were carved into the archway of the entrance, images of crescent moons, suns and stars also patterning the large pillars either side of the arch. The two men in front and behind Angela seemed to hesitate but then marched silently into the temple. The temple itself was ornamented with strange markings and symbols throughout the inside, of which Angela looked at in interest. There were also bizarre masks with creepy grins and spears hung up on the walls that made Angela nervous. The man behind her pushed her on, however, and soon they came to a row of ancient, tattered doors. Bewildered, Angela studied each one. "The middle one," The man in front nodded towards the middle door and then neared it. Angela followed but the man in front moved to stand by her side. "Only you can unlock it and only you can enter. We'll stand here and wait for you. And do hurry up. We haven't got all day."

Angela placed her hand on the strange, almost space-like, orb that was next to the middle door. Strangely enough, the orb lit with a powerful, powder blue glow. The door opened to reveal.. nothing but blackness. Surely she couldn't go in there? She looked at the man beside her. "Well?," he asked, then nudged her inside and closed the door. Well, she thought sarcastically, her senses clouded by the obscurity of the place, that was very helpful! But as her eyes adjusted to the gloom, she could see a very faint glint in the distance. Slowly she edged towards it and realized it was a lamp which acted like spotlight resting on two very odd looking objects. A dagger draped with a silk, blood red cloth and encrusted with several dark looking patterns, some of which were skulls with flames engulfing them, and a strange stuffed Wolverine that was stuck to a flat, wooden base. The base was bordered in strange shapes, that were probably meant to be letters of a different language, and had enameled inscriptions that were similar to poems or Haiku. The Wolverine itself had names etched around a strap, from which thin silver chains dangled, on it's paw. It's brown fur was worn and several clumps were missing from its mistreated body. The creatures eyes were wide and full of pain and misery, perhaps most of all sorrow. On the wooden base was a small slit, which was obviously the money box part. She then picked up both the objects lightly and made her way back to the door behind her. 

Angela opened the door to find complete mayhem. The two guards were struggling to fight off a huge red eyed creature. It's face was encrusted with a mold-like substance and it looked as though it had some kind of disease eating away at it's rotten flesh. It had small wings that flapped ferociously and it's claws were like daggers themselves. After a while the three competitors grew tired and the winged beast crawled away on four bony limbs. The two men took hold of Angela. The three of them ran off to exit the temple, though the sky had clouded with a gloomy grey. Thunder erupted from the thick clouds above and lightning struck the earth below. Gusts of wind blew the trees into a rampaging frenzy and it was as if the entire place had been overcome with darkness. All Angela could do was stare.

Angela woke to the soft lights of the Ferry, their glow emanating from chandeliers in long rows on the ceiling. Only one of the two men that had accompanied on her journey sat opposite. The other had been killed, his body probably still lying in the chasm from which he did not emerge from. Although terrified, Angela had managed to keep going until they reached the ferry platform. Neither the man or Angela had spoken since they left the chasm and their silence prolonged even on the ferry journey, though the man had checked if she was okay. Angela looked down at her hand. Blood welled in a diagonal cut. Her hand had been sliced by a sharp bit of rock on the walls of the chasm as she had tried to shift large boulders. The men had been right. The ceiling could collapse.. and it had. Her and the man left over had been almost trapped inside the chasm as a cluster of boulders had formed a large wall near the entrance. Luckily, together Angela and the guard had managed to create a small way through the wall having removed a few heavy rocks. The guard, though, had dislocated his leg and huge gashes trickled red blood onto his black trousers. He looked in pain, his face screwed up in agony. Angela had offered her support to help him towards the ferry platform, but he had rejected the proposal, limping his way and trying to look unaffected. She looked at him, then wondered where Steelo and Skull's Henchmen even came from. He noticed her glancing at him, and Angela quickly turned away.

It was a good nine hours more before Angela could see any sign of civilization in the distance. It would still take time to get there though. She rested her head lightly on the back of the seat, drowsy with exhaustion. Her head throbbed and the cut on her hand was sore, but most of all she wanted to be back with Henry, Ashley and even Dennis. They were all she could think about until she nearly drifted back to sleep. That was until the guard opposite mumbled as a lady in the ferry's uniform offered him a first aid kit. Angela turned to try and get back to sleep, but then found she couldn't. She then glimpsed back over to the man opposite her. He was still cringing in discomfort. The lady in uniform then turned to Angela having been refused by the guard. "You had better hold onto this," she whispered in a worried tone, "just in case he changes his mind. He needs medication or those cuts of his won't heal." She handed her the first aid box, but then noticed the wound on Angela's hand. "Do you want me to look at yours?," the lady asked. Angela replied with a silent nod and the lady wrapped the slash in a bandage. "There," she said once finished, and signaled to the first aid box, then to the guard opposite. Angela smiled, then nodded and the lady left the Ferry compartment.

Angela sighed. She closed the first aid kit, then placed it gently beside her. She then leaned forward towards the guard. "It's never going to get better if you don't let someone treat it," she smiled towards him, "If you'd prefer to do it yourself, the box is here." She handed him the box of which he didn't take until he'd thought about it for several minutes. He sighed, looking at her in this confused way. "Why do you care anyway?," he mumbled. "Because I do," Angela replied simply, "I'm human. Humans care, even though some of them don't seem to." The guard looked at her, narrowed his eyes, then opened the green first aid tub. He lifted out a roll of bandage and began to try and wrap it around his leg. Angela rolled her eyes a little. Obviously, it seemed to Angela, he had no idea about first aid. "What are you doing?," she asked, glancing down at the poorly wound bandage, "Do you even have a clue about first aid?" The guard looked up to meet her eyes, then gave an almost embarrassed face and looked down at the floor. "I guess that's a no... how can Steelo and Skull let you guys go wondering off if you know nothing about first aid? How are you supposed to look after each other without knowing? If your not trained in first aid then exactly what do they teach you?." The guard sighed deeply. "We're trained in combat. You know.. fighting, killing, shooting. That sort of stuff. Not first aid. Now if your so good at it, why don't you do it instead?" He gave Angela the roll of bandage and first aid tub, then reluctantly let her deal with the cuts. 

Silently Angela recalled what to do in her head. 1. Clean the wound. She opened the box and applied anti-septic spray onto a cotton wool pad, then softly dabbed it onto the grazes. The guard flinched slightly at the first touch, but then settled back down. Angela apologized and then went back to patting the cotton pad down on the wounds. 2. Clean the blood as best you can. Angela took out the pack of anti-septic wipes and began to wipe the blood from each cut. This time the guard only moved so as to watch Angela in her work. 3. Bandage the wound to avoid infection. Angela wrapped the bandage gently around the guards leg. His knee was still dislocated but there wasn't much Angela could do about that. When she had finished, Angela packed the kit away and sat back in her seat. She smiled at the guard. "There you are, all done." The man looked down at his now bandaged leg then back at Angela. He smiled faintly, then thanked her. "I err.. guess you did a better job than I did. Thank you. But I don't get what business you have with my bosses. What does Steelo and Skull have against you?," he queried curiously, "You seem too.. nice. I mean, you don't seem like their type to ask for service from." Angela shrugged. "I have no idea, but they seem to be everywhere I go. I'm surprised they haven't killed me yet, though they've come close. Let's just say they seem to have made it their business to take everything I hold dear away from me. It's become a bit of a habit to them," she sighed, then explained about her fail of a life so far.

"I first met them when they killed my husband, though I think of him more like a boyfriend now. It wasn't long after our wedding so it was a bit of a short marriage. They murdered him and set our house on fire. Skull didn't get out of the blaze quick enough, which is why he has those freaky burns on him. I was pregnant. I didn't get to keep the kid though.. my son was given to a family. Years passed and I didn't hear from either villain for some time. I then saw them again when they appeared in my kitchen. They stole a knife and then tried running after me.. to kill me. But the boy you saw, Jamie, saved me. He guided me to his house and they didn't find us.. for some time anyway. Then we got a strange call and a guy guided us to find a white house in the woods where four more victims of Steelo and Skull were being kept. My cat, Celene, of whom had been given to me by my old boyfriend had been murdered when me and Henry returned to his house. We then got moved by the Police to Jamie's great aunt Petunia's house. The place was a bit.. weird and I had to sleep on a wooden sofa that looked more like a bench. I got kicked out and moved in with my new boyfriend, Adam. The problem was.. he, well.. he died. Somehow Steelo and Skull found the apartment and tried to kill me.. again. They failed though, obviously seen as I'm still alive. I jumped in a river and drifted to find Jamie sitting beneath a bus stop. Petunia had made them move away, so that I couldn't find Jamie. The problem was.. Petunia died. So I found Jamie. Then my friend Ashley was killed. Her baby daughter was left with me and Jamie, the only contact they could get hold of. That was the toddler you saw back at the lair. I found out afterwards from the guy that had called us that Jamie was the son I had given away and that the hotel we were staying in was going to be bombed by Steelo and Skull, though I managed to get everyone out in time. And then we were captured and I was sent on this journey. I didn't get to tell Jamie that I'm his mother and now he's trapped in a pitch black room. And that's it. I have no idea why they have an interest in ruining my life, but they do." 

The guard listened intently, looking startled and then sympathetically at Angela. "God, they really have ruined your life, huh? Well, we don't get told anything so I don't know why either. But I hope they leave you alone after this." Angela beamed at the man. "The thing I want to know is what they want these for.. and what they do," Angela informed, looking down at the dagger and stuffed Wolverine. The guard nodded in agreement. "They must be worth something," he stated, "Otherwise Steelo and Skull wouldn't be after them." Angela nodded. Whatever they were for, she knew it wasn't a good thing. But soon she would be back with Henry, Ashley and Dennis. And now that she will have brought back the dagger and Wolverine they would be allowed to leave the lair. That is if Steelo and Skull were finished with her, which Angela doubted but hoped they were. The guard offered his hand to her. "The Names Fleetwood. Kyle Fleetwood," he said shaking hands with Angela, "The other guy was Jones. Erik Jones. I guess I'll have to tell everyone about what happened when we get back." Angela nodded slowly, then looked at him benevolently. "My name's Angela. Angela Price." He smiled, "Well, it's nice to meet you Miss Price. I hope your son is okay. He might look a bit drained when he comes out, but they won't have hurt him or anything." After a few minutes, the Ferry stopped and Angela and Kyle got ready to make their way back to the lair.


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