13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


11. Dream Or Not A Dream?

Angela fought for her life, or what she thought was her life. It was only a dream, but it felt more real than anything. Both her and her opponent were getting tired. Which of them was winning wasn't clear, but there was one thing Angela was certain of.. She was going to loose either way, dead or alive. Skull had her on the ground, her throat gripped in an arm lock. Swinging round and round, falling and then rising, they were both exhausted. They'd been at this for hours. Blood covered the floor in a red pool. Both were splattered with blood and covered in various wounds. Skull had his worse scars before this face-off, including the huge zip on his face, but was slowly weakening his grip. On her pale skin, the blood on Angela showed up easily. The evil guy she was fighting was once a stranger, but now all too familiar. She wanted nothing but for this to end. 

As a fully trained assassin and murderer, Skull had the advantage. How he could ever be a human, God only knew. He had awful marked skin.. he was a poor excuse for a person. His body was covered with irritations, scolds, scars and burns that would usually come with contact with acid or water of around 200 degrees. But Angela knew exactly why. She'd been there. That was when they had killed Graham. They had set the house alight, but forgot about getting out themselves. The fight was not going well for her. Skull hit her on the back of the neck. Angela collapsed. She was lying almost dead, blood surrounding her lifeless body. Angela was pretty sure she was half way to heaven by now, as images flashed in her head. White was all around her. It looked as if she was standing in a large, snow coloured room. Graham stood in front of her, his brown hair and rosy skin looking soft and warm and yet, as she came close and her hand brushed his shoulder, he was ice cold. They peered into each others eyes, emotion spilling in tear-like substances. And then... Blackout.

Light burst through her door-like eyelids as Angela could hear Adam trying desperately to wake her up. He sounded more than just concerned. He sounded petrified for her. She could see hardly anything, but the rest of her senses came back to a still lifeless body. Angela was almost unable to move.. she couldn't barely even open her own eyes. She could see a figure leaning over her, most probably Adam. Things looked bleak and deserted. All she could remember was her vivid dream, that she believed to have actually happened. She bolted upright, expecting to see scattered bodies remaining from a vicious battle with the two men, Skull and Steelo. Instead she woke up to Adam next to her. "Your awake!," he seemed delighted at her waking and tried to encourage her to get up from the bed, Angela having no clue why. Then she saw. Blood soaked the sheet beneath her and her clothes were torn and ripped all over, as if the dream had not really been a dream.

Angela sat after she had wiped the blood from herself and changed her clothes. Her skin was covered with cuts and scars and she still had no idea why all that had happened. She moved to the window, kneeling to look up at the sky. She missed Graham and Celene, but most of all she missed Jamie. She was not afraid to cry. Going on without Graham upset her, even after all this time. But it was even worse without Jamie.

Adam sat with Angela most of the day, making sure she was alright after the unexpected happenings. He did seem thoroughly concerned for her welfare and made sure she wasn't in any pain. He also provided her with clothes. Adam and Angela got to know each other a lot more than they did before and the two were starting to like each other more and more, growing fond of each others company. Sunset was approaching, but still a blinding light, almost like a torch, glowed from all the way through the rooms of Adams apartment. Dennis joined them on the sofa and fell asleep within minutes, his white paws twitching every so often. The cat purred loudly like a motor, just like Celene used to. His tail also fidgeted quite a lot, flicking side to side. Angela rested her head on Adams shoulder and the silence became even more silent. Then she saw him.

It was just like before, perhaps scarier. Last time she thought it was Jamie, which somehow made him seem less threatening. This time she knew it wasn't just Jamie. She didn't even know who it was. Or what it was. He lingered in the distance this time, and having about two rooms distance between him and Angela made her feel safer. But only a little bit. The boy still had the dark patches surrounding his eyes, and his skin was the same deathly, ghostly shade it had been the first time. Angela clutched to Adam, who hadn't seemed to have noticed the unwelcome stranger. Puzzled, he looked down at her, concern still clouding his eyes, and held her hand. But Angela did not stop looking at the boy. Not for one second. It was as if she didn't want to look at him, but was scared not to. Like if she looked away he would get closer. She was even afraid to blink. Adam had now followed her gaze and had noticed the boy. And yet he didn't speak. Not a word. 

Both of them silenced, Angela and Adam looked on as the boy disappeared, walking away from the doorway and into the rest of the room Angela and Adam couldn't see. Though both nervous and tense, the two observers got up and walked closer to the room that the boy had been stood in. They peered round the door frame... but the boy had gone. How neither of them knew. Angela only just then realized she'd been holding her breath the whole time and, now relieved of the boys disappearance, let out the breath she had been holding. "Who was that?," Adam asked as he looked around the room. "I don't know.. I haven't a clue. I've seen him before though. Back in Petunia's house. I did think it was Jamie, but he came to me straight after and he had no idea when I asked him about it. Like i say.. I don't know.."

Curious, Adam had asked to hear about the appearance of 'the boy' at Petunia's house and had sat, listening intently to Angela's story. After she had finished explaining he had inquired about Graham, from the dream, and the rest of her past. He began to find himself feeling sorry for her. Her entire life had been one broken piece after another, and now she was beginning to even doubt her own sanity. She even blamed herself for what had happened. Even when he had repeated several times that she wasn't to blame, Angela still believed she was. "It was all my fault. I should have done something..." But though she thought she could have done something to stop it all, what could she have done? "I didn't know my parents very well either. The only thing I remember clearly is how much they lied. Look at my father for example. He said he'd never hurt anyone, yet it didn't stop him killing my sister. My mother was just as bad, perhaps even worse. She said she'd love us equally, and just look where it got me. She mourned my sister for years and said frequently how it would have been better if I had died instead. She said she'd love me, yet abandoned me...," Angela sighed deeply, "But I kept holding on. And even though I don't have Graham or Celene.. or even Jamie left, I have you.." Angela finished with a smile, though tears still gathered at her eyes. She tried to hold them back, but she couldn't. 

Touching her shoulder with his hand in a comforting manner Adam tried hard to wipe away the tears that had formed at her eyes. "Angela.. I'm sorry things turned out so badly for you.. but it's not your fault that this happened. We know that; it was those two men or even your parents, no one else. You can't be blamed and you shouldn't blame yourself. But that's all over and done with now, so you need to move on. That's what people do to survive; we leave hardships in the past and make the future brighter to make up for it." His eyes gleamed. "At least, that's what some of us do. And you should be one of them. Now," he continued, thinking of what words to choose, "it's true that you've been lied to and even targeted your whole life, and you do have a right to be wary of others. But that doesn't mean that every person has ill intentions towards you. Neither me or Jamie would ever lie to you to deliberately hurt you. I don't think Graham would have either. And as for Graham ... you shouldn't stop loving him because he's gone. I mean, he might not even be gone. He could still be here for you." He peered at her with round eyes. "Do you understand what I'm telling you?" he asked softly. 

Angela nodded. She had to admit the idea sounded nice. Also Angela had felt Grahams presence a number of times. Perhaps he wasn't entirely gone.. She looked up at Adam, who smiled warmly. To him, she was just slightly insecure; it wasn't her fault, but instead all those of her past. And even then some weren't to blame. Together they sat through the night and eventually fell asleep, for Angela only to have another nightmare...

Angela's nightmare assembled before her very eyes. Another fight.. and once again, she lost. She saw Steelo aim to slash Adam, who was fighting beside her. Angela hurled herself in front of him, taking the entire blow. Blood splattered on Angela's neck, but she wasn't giving up. She was considerably in pain and knew she needed to rest. But why rest at a time like this? She attempted to get up by using her arms first. She stretched her arms out and tried to put pressure on them, forcing them to help her up. Angela managed to nearly do it, but collapsed with grief. "No.. I have.. to get.. up..." she struggled and tried a second time, yet failing the attempt once again. Angela could recognize in her blurry vision that someone was standing over her. It looked like Jamie. 

"Jamie.. is that.. you?" she whimpered to the figure. Knowing she had company somehow made her stronger and more determined, and so she tried again and managed to stand, head bowed, with the help of Jamie... But it wasn't Jamie. It was him. The boy with his hole-like eyes and grey skin. This time he had blood on him. "No.." she whispered. But it was too late. He'd grabbed her arm and she couldn't escape. She tried and struggled, but his grip was too firm. He opened his mouth, as hole-like as his eyes and it seemed to tunnel far into him, and let out a shrieking sound. The blackness of his mouth engulfed her as if he had eaten away her life. Her mind shattered. Her voice cracked. Her bones crunched. Her blood spilled...

Angela was about to pass away destined for heaven, she thought. Blood was draining from her body, sickly red covering the floor, and spilling from her wounds. For some reason Petunia had come to help rescue some of the survivors and was helping to try and heal some of the fighters wounds. As Angela fainted, her body rested on the cold ground. Petunia watched as she collapsed and then noticed a boy nearby, almost completely familiar. She hurried up to him delicately, probably not realizing who it was. "Jamie, your friend here's passed out." She was actually talking to the boy, the resemblance tricking her as it had done to Angela. It seemed like the boy was ignoring the old woman, so she stepped closer, only to await the same fate as Angela. Then Angela woke up.

Adam was still beside her and they were both still sat on the sofa. He was stroking her hair as if he'd realized about her nightmares. It seemed he had been awake for some time. "Shh.. It's okay.. It was only a dream," he whispered in her ears as he stroke her hair gently. Angela looked up at Adam, who looked down at her. They both smiled gently, then rested their heads against each other. It was morning. Angela then thought about Jamie. He had probably had another nightmare again, but this time she wasn't there to comfort him. She couldn't bare it any longer. She had to see him.

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