13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


14. A New Addition

Concurrently Angela and Jamie entered the Police Station to be greeted by a young officer, who looked quite proud of his job. He strode over quickly. "You must be Miss Price," the officer identified Angela and the two shook hands, "And this must be your.. friend." He peered to Angela's left to see Jamie, who still held Dennis. "If you would like to step this way," the officer continued, "the daughter is in here." Briskly he led Angela and Jamie to a small room with oak edged windows with wooden blinds, a small oak desk littered with piles of papers and a small basket. "Here she is," he smiled and nodded towards the frilled, white basket. It could almost have been described as half basket, half pram, for there were small wheels underneath. Angela and Jamie walked slowly over to see a small baby wrapped in a cream knitted blanket. 

Angela smiled and turned to look at Jamie, who was also smiling. "She's beautiful," he whispered. "Yeah.. she is.." Angela looked down at the baby girl and couldn't wait to take her back to the hotel. Her thoughts, though, were disturbed by the Police officer who stood behind them. "We have got some supplies for you. I thought you might need them." Angela nodded. "Thank you," she smiled, studied the supplies and then turned back to the baby. "You can take her now.. by the way," the officer mentioned. Angela lifted the basket. "Thank you," she repeated, and then again, "really.. thank you.." The Officer smiled. "No problem. I'm just glad we found someone to look after her. I didn't want to see her get put in an orphanage so early in life," he smiled, "I hope you guys give her the life she deserves. And I'm sure you will." He nodded to Angela and Jamie, who nodded back. And with that they left the station, climbing back into their escort with the new baby.

When they had arrived back at the hotel Angela laid the basket onto one of the beds and unloaded the supplies they had been given. Jamie wondered over to the girl and almost studied her, as if through a magnifying glass. "She's got her dad's eyes by the looks of it," he said as he looked down at her, smiling deeply, "But I think she'll have hair like Ashley." Angela smiled. "Probably... Wait? How do you know her eyes are like her dad's? Even I never met James." Jamie grinned. "But we've both seen a picture of him, on that profile of yours. It's in colour, remember? He had bluey grey eyes." Angela looked speechless, though managed to stumble a few words. "Wow.. I mean, you remember all that? Mind you, I guess I do sort of remember his eye colour. You noticed a pattern in the eye colour of the victims. Even Ashley fits into that. She had blue eyes." Angela smiled, trying not to cry. Jamie must have noticed her efforts seen as he rushed over and hugged her, which cheered her up and she managed to keep her tears at bay. 

A thought suddenly struck Angela, as if it hit her straight in the face. A name. How could she bring up a baby girl without something to call her? She turned to Jamie. "What are we going to call her?," Angela asked him, and he seemed to ponder about it a long time. "Perhaps we should call her Ashley. I mean, she looks like an Ashley." They both looked at the baby girl. Then back up at each other. Angela smiled. "Ashley it is then." They both looked back at the girl. "At least now I have you with me she'll have someone to play with. Someone around her age. You can be like a brother to her. A big brother," Angela sighed, "This is going to be tough. I mean, technically I'm a mother but I only had my son for five minutes. I haven't looked after a baby before. And I doubt you have." The boy shook his head. "Okay, I admit it. I haven't ever looked after a baby before. But it'll be worth it right? I mean.. it is Ashley and James's daughter. She needs us. And maybe looking after a baby together will bring us closer." Angela smiled. "I guess so, kid." She pulled Jamie closer and rested her head against his. Jamie seemed to lean his head on her shoulder and the two of them sat peacefully watching Ashley in her little basket.

Time passed quickly for Angela and Jamie and as Ashley grew bigger, so did her appetite for adventure. Numerous times Jamie had to stop her from climbing the stair rail or falling from the sofa. But Jamie didn't mind. In fact, he enjoyed watching Ashley explore, and usually it would amuse him as she did so. Angela too enjoyed looking after Ashley, and together they were coping well. Though inexperienced, Angela dealt with bottle time, diaper's and her favorite part; sleep time. Ashley was nearly a year old by then and nothing had occurred so far. The two men seemed lost from their memories. But that memory was soon to be reawakened. And yet, though Angela enjoyed spending time with Ashley she felt incredibly sad and guilty. Sure, she was looking after Ashley because she needed her.. but her own son had needed her too. At the thought of her son, a wave of sadness washed over her. I wish i could see him, Angela thought to herself, But Jamie was right.. he probably wouldn't even remember me..

Two more days had passed and Angela walked the aisles of the local supermarket. Trying to concentrate, she recited the list of things she needed. Wipes. Dummies. Rusk Biscuits. Jamie's cornets. And last, but not least, a new pair of baby shoes. Once she had collected the group of items on her list she entered the self-pay till and left the shop. The sun was slightly clouded over when she looked up at the sky, though it had been nice and sunny earlier that morning. Then she noticed a figure coming towards her, a familiar man though his presence was of no comfort. "What's he doing here?", she asked herself, I thought all that was over. The man nearing her was Riley 'Rifle' Allister, the same man that had phoned her unexpectedly and told her about the four bodies in the white house. He didn't seem to work for anyone, especially not Skull or Steelo. He had made that quite clear by leading her to four of their victims. It was like he was his own force. Just him. He didn't seem to have an accomplice either, like Skull and Steelo had each other.

Angela watched as Riley walked forward, his brown coat blowing and streaming behind him. His sandy brown hair was scruffy and untidy, as if it hadn't been brushed for months. He also looked older than what most people would imagine him when told his name. He hadn't changed much and he still bore the scar on his left eye which, again, Angela was thankful that it was actually a scar. He also wore black fingerless gloves on his hands, that were clenched tightly in fists. Angela had a bad feeling. Something was wrong. Something had to be wrong, why else would he be hanging around outside a supermarket? As he approached Riley took out a small, rectangular piece of paper from his pocket and held it out for Angela to take. She looked down at it. "What is this?," she asked Riley, who grinned and uttered an amused snigger. "This," he announced, "is something you'll need soon." Angela frowned. "But what IS it?," she repeated irritably, getting impatient. "Well, it's a voucher," Riley explained. Angela's scowl deepened. "A voucher for WHAT? Why would I need this?," she asked. "It's a voucher.. for a tanning salon." Angela gave Riley the 'so-not-amused' expression. "Now you're just mocking me," she alleged, insisting that he take the card back and turned to walk away. 

"I wouldn't leave without this if I were you," Riley assured Angela as he watched her turn. It must have worked, for Angela turned back round to face him. "If you want me to take it, tell me what it REALLY is," she commanded. Riley sighed, muttering 'spoil-sport' under his breath. "Fine," he gave in, admitting the truth "I'll tell you. It's a key card. You can use it on any locked door and it will open, I swear. You'll need it. I know you will." Angela looked down at the card he held. "Oh.. okay.." she murmured and took the card in her hands. "I thought you might take it," Riley told her, "Oh, and hows that boy? Jamie isn't it? Have you actually told him yet?" Angela looked confused. "Yes, it's Jamie  And he's fine," she paused, and then continued, "Told him what exactly?" Riley met her eyes, his own brown eyes sparkling with mischief. "Oh.. so you still don't know? Well then, ignore what I just said." He addressed her with a nod and he prepared to leave, turning quickly. "Wait!," Angela insisted, grabbing his shoulder, "I won't ignore what you just said. What do I still not know?" 

Riley turned back round and beamed at Angela. "Stubborn I see. He's your lost son. There, I said it." Angela stopped, her mouth open in shock. "Jamie's my son?" she exclaimed. Riley rolled his eyes dramatically, exaggerating the whole motion. "Enough with the drama. It's not that impossible. Ever stopped to think Jamie might have been adopted into his old family? If you actually think it makes perfect sense, you just didn't notice what's been in front of your eyes the whole time." "I need to tell him.." Angela stammered. "No. First you need to get both him and that baby out of that hotel," Riley interrupted. Angela stared at him. "You mean they're in danger!" she snapped. "Not just them two, all three of you. In fact, not just the three of you either. The whole hotel. McGuire and that bully McDagger are there already. They're planning to blow it up, so I'd hurry if I were you. They've already planted the bomb." And with that, Angela ran off to get to the hotel. Allister stood watching, until he too walked away.

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