A new beginning

Ivis is a normal averge teenage girl. She goes to school has friends. She lives in the year 4000. She lives in a place where she is completely safe from the the people who almost controls her world.


5. Chapter Two - Part Two - The Mission

Damon and I walked out of the room.  I couldn't believe that Mr Berge had so much confidence in us.  As we walked I let it sink in.  Maybe we were more powerful then I thought.  Was I doubting us to much?


"Where almost out of here." Damon said walking towards the giant doors we walked through yesterday.  Soon we would be to the light blue room and then out of the crystal.


"So." Damon said, "You nervous?"

"Of course not." I lied.

"Uh-huh." Damon said with a small chuckle.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"It's okay if your nervous." Damon said.

"But I'm not-" I began only to be cut off by Damon saying, "Because I'm nervous too."  Damon was always to forward with stuff, but he never cared what people would think of him.

"We're here." Damon said looking at the yellow-ish glass.  I nodded.

"I'll go first, you follow after." Damon said with a small smile.  I nodded once more.


Damon backed up a little and ran then he jumped on the glass and was teleported outside.  I waited a little bit before I went so nothing would mix.  I remember when they where trying to create this, the next person, who was testing it,  didn't wait at least a minute and got body parts and DNA mixed with each other.  I waited two more minutes just in case and then ran.  I jumped and was teleported outside.


"Took you long enough." Damon said.

"Better safe then sorry."  I said with slight smile.  We then started to walk outside the cave and into the blistering wind.

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