A new beginning

Ivis is a normal averge teenage girl. She goes to school has friends. She lives in the year 4000. She lives in a place where she is completely safe from the the people who almost controls her world.


4. Chapter Two - Part One - The Mission

I walked into the living room, after going to the restroom.  It's 5:00am. and  Damon was still a sleep.  I made myself a simple bowl of cereal and walked over to the counter where the small t.v. was.  I turned on the t.v.  The news was on.


"The Jinek or "leaders of the free world" where spotted close to our home."  News encore, Diana Whales said looking at the camera.  A serous expression a cross her face.  "If there is anyone who will join our army please sign up as fast as you can.  Chief Berge is counting on you, and those who joined the junior spys and assassinations."


I quickly finished my cereal, ignoring every thing else Mrs. Whales had to say.  I ran into Damons bedroom, where he lay asleep.  I took a running start and jumped on the bed waking him up for a second before he went back to sleep.  I've done this since we were little so he's pretty used to it.


"Wake up, lazy!"  I exclaimed.

"Five more minutes."  Damon said tiredly rolling over.

"Damon Mr. Berge needs us now!"

"He said that we can come when we're fully rested."  Damon insisted.

"But the news!" I whined

"The news say alot of scary stuff.  We have more then enough people here to take care of the "leaders."  Just go back to whatever you where doing."  Damon said.


I went back to the kitchen and continued to watch the news.  Around 8:00am. Damon decided to get up, which is way to late for someone like us to be getting up.  Without any hellos he went to the restroom and ate.  He then grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door and out side the building.


We walked the brick roads to a dirt one and then to a familiar cave.  We walked in and down the long hallway.  As we walked some people where coming home.  Damon of course not making a sound while I said "Hello" to each one.


Soon we came to a huge meeting room.  There we sat in comfy spinning chairs.  I sat on the right side and Damon sat next to me.  There was an over head screen to the left of us and on the left side was a black door.  The room was painted navy blue.


Mr. Berge came out in a nice tux as always.  It was black with a white shirt and a red tie.  His shoes shined and his glasses where clear of any smudges.


"Alright!"  Mr Berge said smiling as always "Your mission is what we like to call Decapitation."  Mr Berge then pulled down the over head screen to the left of us which drew out our mission in full detail. "You will have to sneak into the "leader" Zukies' home and get rid of her for good."

"Why do you call it that?" I asked

"Because she likes to decapitate people.  It's like her specialty.  But she'll be the one that will be gone." He said with a small chuckle.

"That seems easy enough." Damon said.

"She may seem weak and diffuseness with her shy attitude but she is more powerful then Zeo or Zeno.  Do not under estimate her."  Mr. Berge warned

"And how are we supposed to get rid of her exactly?" I asked

"Whether you brain wash her, kill her, anything you can think of." Mr berge answered with a stern look.

"How does she attack?" Damon asked curiously.  His battle skills are better then anyone else in the J.S.&A.

"She has the ability of magic."

"So shes weak at close battle right?" I asked.

"Not exactly.  She can do close or range combat depending on her plan.  Remember she has the power to kill you and she wouldn't even feel slightly sad about it."

Mr Berge got up and walked to the door.

"If she can kill us easily why not get someone stronger?" I asked.

"Because I trust and believe in you." Mr. Berge said looking back at us.

I nodded and got up "Come on Damon.  We have business to take care of."

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