A new beginning

Ivis is a normal averge teenage girl. She goes to school has friends. She lives in the year 4000. She lives in a place where she is completely safe from the the people who almost controls her world.


3. Chapter One - Part Two - Coming Home

We stood infront of the large brown building.  It looked like an amazing church.  The doors where huge.  They looked as though they could go on and on forever.  The glass stained windows alined at the top of the building.  You could barely see the pictures that where held within them.


I placed a hand on the giant ring of the door and pulled.  It opened outward making a terrible screech.  We walked in.  There where people lined in a row on computers.  T.Vs hung from the walls that showed the inside of the village, outside the village, in the cave, and other places such as the southern land's main building.


"Ivis, Damon your back!"  Mr berge said happily.

"Yes where back."  Damon said.

Mr. Berge look at him and said "Yes it was a close one wasn't it?" He looked between the both of us and said, "With Ivis almost getting caught and Damon.....Ahh never mind that, we have a new mission for you but feel free to rest up a bit before you go."  Mr. Berge then took us to a long hall and we came out of a cave looking thing to the village's woods. 


We walked the dirt road and looked at the artificial trees that looked real in texture.  Once we came out of the woods we found a light red, tan brick road.  Along with houses and popular buildings like the Cristal, which is a popular business building that makes artificial food.


Real food hasn't been around since the sun burnt out.  Now, you can get light from either this crystal we're in our something the "leaders" approve of.  If people a long time ago didn't just look at the trees the sun would probably still be here.


With the sun burnt out the human race evolved into some type of cat-like species.  We still look like humans from long ago but our eyes are different.  We have what people in the nineteen hundreds would call "cat eyes."


"So what happened to you?"  I asked Damon.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Mr. Berge said never mind when he said your name." 

Damon looked away "It doesn't matter does it?  We're both safe."

"What happened?  Where you caught?"

There was a long silence before Damon said "We're here."

He ran up the stairs to an apartment building that was made in 3099.  He opened the door and looked back "You coming Ive?"

I nodded and walked up the stairs.  Damon held the door for me as I walked in.  We both went up the four flights of loud creaky stairs to our apartment.


Damon and I have been friends since we where little.  My mother died when I was born and my dad went missing a couple years ago.  Damon, who lives by himself, invited me to live with him.  His parents are never around since they're to busy with work.  They still don't know.


We walked into the kitchen.  It was kind of small looking with the table in the middle of the room, along with four chairs.  The fridge was next to the wall along with a blank counter and then two sinks.  Next the oven stood, all alone.  Across the kitchen there was another white counter along the wall with cabinets over it.  On the counter a small flat screen t.v. sat.


"Hey you wanna have dinner before going to bed?"  Damon asked.  He has always cooked dinner.

"Sure." I answered.


Damon went over to the fridge and got some beef, carrots, and other veggies.  He went over to the stove.  He always makes the best food.  I bet it will be great! "The food might take a while.  Go get a shower or something." 


I nodded and walked off to the bathroom.  I'm one lucky girl to have such a good friend.  He cooks, and cares about me.  When ever I think of him my heart flutters.  I wouldn't call it love, but I do care for him with all my heart.

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