A new beginning

Ivis is a normal averge teenage girl. She goes to school has friends. She lives in the year 4000. She lives in a place where she is completely safe from the the people who almost controls her world.


2. Chapter One - Part One - Coming home

The wind tugged at my hair softly.  It was cold and bitter but didn't seem to want to show it.  The snow on the ground was thick, maybe about three feet, and was heavy.  With every step I took I had to fight the snow.  A gust of wind threw itself at me angrily, burning my face in the cold then settled down once more.


It had always been this way: Cold, heavy, dark, and lonely.  Everyday is like a fight to stay alive.  I can't help but wonder what's going to happen next.  It's like a book with only three chapters.  It happens quickly, and is never to be read again.


Another gust of wind threw itself at me.  I stepped into a cave.  There I walked a mile in it, until I hit a fork in the road.  Everyone had their own place to hide from them.  It was only a matter of time before they came in the cave, which means I have to hurry.


If I go the wrong way I can get lost easily.  The cave only had one side that was like a maze, while the other was safe and hidden carefully away.  If I go the wrong way I can easily get lost in it, along with being killed by its many dangerous traps.  And even worse, being caught by the people who run this world.


My memory isn't the greatest but I do recall my partner saying something about the right side.  I walked towards it.  I've been wrong before taking another way than what I remember.  I might as well take my chance.


I walked and walked until I saw several statues in a row.  They stood an equal amount of space between each other on both sides of the cave.  They where all facing towards me.  It looked like the evolution of man.  Monkey through business man.  It led to a rock-looking thing that had a gold-ish red Cristal embedded into the front of it.  I took a step forward.  I felt as if I was sinking into the ground.  I looked down and noticed I had pushed down the entrance of the hide out.  I only had sixty seconds to get to the crystal in time.


The statues turned towards the center.  My heart raced.  I started to run.  With each step I tried to dodge the spears coming out of the statues.  Before I knew it I was already to the crystal.  I jumped and a red beam covered me.  I entered the crystal and saw Damon standing by the door.


This crystal has two doors.  One double door that you first see.  Although the crystal is yellow-ish with red gassy like spots, the room is a light blue.  Then once through the doors you walk a little ways before going to a building like area.    This building area is how you go to the little village we call Spokojstvo.  After you visit Central of course.


"About time you got here.  I didn't think the mission would take this long."  Damon said with a small smirk on his lips.  His black hair covering his dark eyes.

"Well it did."  I said.

"Ivis you never come back late."  Damon said.

"I ran into a little bit of trouble."

"Like what?" He asked with a concerned look.

"I ran into the enemy.  That's all.  I hid.  They didn't see me."

"You shouldn't be around the enemy.  You know what could have happened."  Damon said.  He continued on and on about me almost getting caught.  I didn't pay much attention though.  I didn't have time for him to tell me of how much of an idiot I am for not hiding right and how I could've got them all in trouble if they followed me.  I walked passed him and went through the door.


I walked into the city.   This city was made for those who opposed the new leaders: Zeno of the southern lands, Zukie of the northern lands,  and Zeo.of the eastern and western lands.  He's the most powerful.  They wear long black cloaks with hoods that cover their eyes.  They wear gloves and they never show there full face.  Although they don't show their face and you never see their eyes, you can still see features under their eyes.  Zeno is a forty or fifty year old male.  Zukie is a thirty year old woman with a soft quiet voice, and Zeo is a man in his forties.  His voice is rough and he speaks as though he is always angry about something.


In 3089 they took control of every country.  Killing the leaders and the people who where protecting them.  They started with the weaker countries and then got closer and closer to the most powerful ones.


They make the rules now.  One rule saying that one thousand people must die every week.  They say they dream of a perfect world, but in reality they only create destruction and sadness.  Their views are twisted, and we aren't going to letting them kill any more.  That's why we created this place so that we can keep the weaker safe and so the stronger can find clues to defeat them.  So far only one person was caught, killed, and their body was burned.


The leaders do that to, I think, say that they're superior.  That we should listen to them and not bother with defending what we think and our beliefs.  They will kill any one who opposes them right on the spot.  But this crystal protects us.  Who would ever think to look in the crystal not even technology now, in the year 4000, would have this type of stuff, right?  They'd be fooled.  They're fools anyways so it wouldn't be too hard to make them think such a thing.


"Ivis, your not even listening to me!" Damon shrieked. "You know you could put a lot of people here in danger!  And, and you don't even care?!  You know......"  Damon went on once more.


Damon and I started to walk to a building called Central.  It's where you go to get a mission or report back in along with making sure the enemy is no where to be found.

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