Jess Stonelock moves to Carlson University when she can't live with her mom anymore. Jess hates the idea about moving to Carlson University, the thought makes her wanting to puke. Friendships are quickly made, but what about other relationships? When Jess gets related to one of her friends another friend of hers pops out of his friendzone bubble and Jess end in a drama between two of her friends. Who will she choose? One of them will get their heart broken, but what about her? Will she end up with a broken heart after she made her decision?


3. Chapter three ~ man down.


“Night Liam.” I said as I hugged Liam. “Goodnight.” He replied sleepily. I chuckled and hugged Zayn, Louis and Niall goodnight, same thing did Stace. “By the way where’s Harry?” Stace asked while hugging Zayn. “I don’t know.” Zayn mumbled clearly tired.  “Jess I’m going to help Louis, Niall and Zayn to their rooms, here’s the key to our room, I’ll be back in like 20 minutes.” Stace said handing me the key.  I nodded and took the key. I waved to the others and turned on my heels, walking down a hallway. I turned to the right and walked up some stairs, I laughed when I saw a sleeping Harry at the top of the stairs. His curls were a mess, lips slightly pouted and eyes peacefully closed. I walked the last couple of steps and stood in front of him, I lightly shoke his shoulder. “Harry wake up.” I whispered. I shoke a bit harder and he wetted his mouth before blinking a few times. “Where am I?” He asked with a husky voice. “On the top of the stairs, you fell asleep up here.” I said chuckling. “Oh…” He replied looking around. I looked at his feet, where was his right shoe? Then pants, damn those were some tight jeans, before I looked at his white tee my eyes found a bulge. It’s not morning, but that’s defiantly a morning boner. I chuckled and Harry observed the same thing I had earlier discovered. He blushed and began laughing, clearly still tired. I offered him my hand. “C’mon, let me get you into bed.” I said. “You’re gonna take me to your bed?” He replied winking. “No, yours. C’mon” I said pulling him up and wrapping one of his arms over my shoulder, while I held onto it with one of mine, the other one of mine I wrapped around his torso.   I guided him down the corridor. “Your room is down here right?” I asked. “Uhm I’m not sure.” He replied laughing.  “Ugh.” I sighed still guiding him. “You know, you could always take me… To your bed.” He whispered in my ear, pausing after saying take me. “We both know that’s not gonna happen.” I said. “Why not?” He asked kissing my neck. “Harry you’re drunk, stop.”  He kept kissing my neck moving up to my cheek. “Harry stop I mean it.” I sternly said. “Give me a reason.” He said kissing along my jaw. “You’ve kissed 22 other girls tonight, you’ve probably slept with some of them as well, and I really don’t plan on getting some gross sex disease thing like herpes.”  “Are you saying I’m gross?” He asked still kissing my jaw. “No, I’m saying what you do is gross.” Harry pushed me against the wall beside us and stood in front of me. “I know you want to.” He said grinning. “You’re drunk, get out of my way.” I said trying to push him a bit away since he way like 2 inches away from me. He didn’t budge.  He cupped my cheeks with his hands and his lips pushed against mine. My eyes widened and I once again tried pushing him away. “Stop pushing me.” He mumbled against my lips. “Harry move away.” I pleaded. His hands cupped my ass and my knee flew into his crotch. He backed away while cupping his area.  “I told you to stop.” I said wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. “You can find your room on your own.” I mumbled before walking away from him.  Why did he kiss me? I made it clear to him that I wasn’t interested. It’s gross the thing he do, objecting women and kissing them, giving them hopes when all they are to him is a score in his game. His sick little game. I felt my lips burning, probably because of the vodka on Harry’s lips, but if I wake up with herpes I swear I’m going to choke him. I walked to me and Stace’s room and saw her waiting outside the door, I know I’ve got some explaining to tell, but at the moment all I want to do is brush my teeth and go to bed.  

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