Jess Stonelock moves to Carlson University when she can't live with her mom anymore. Jess hates the idea about moving to Carlson University, the thought makes her wanting to puke. Friendships are quickly made, but what about other relationships? When Jess gets related to one of her friends another friend of hers pops out of his friendzone bubble and Jess end in a drama between two of her friends. Who will she choose? One of them will get their heart broken, but what about her? Will she end up with a broken heart after she made her decision?


6. Chapter six ~ Ferris wheel and awkwardness.

"Come on Jess!" I looked at Harry and shook my head.
"No," I looked up at the huge Ferris wheel. 
Hell no, I'm not going to die up in that thing. 
"Pleeeeeeeease," he begged.
"No, maybe later?" His eyes lighted up and a huge grin came onto his face. 
"Yaaaaay!" I couldn't help but laugh at Harry, who lifted me up into a tight hug.
"I said maybe!" Harry swung me around and screamed a "I know, but still!"
What a hyper kid.
"What do you want to do now?" Harry asked as he sat me down.
"Hmm... I want..." I looked around at the different things. 
Ferris wheel, burger bar, radio cars, cotton candy shop, old wood rollar coaster, funny stuff shop, water ride thing, fruit chocolate dip things, gun shooting game, can shooting game, strengt measure thing, ice cream shop, water sl- wait a sec! 
"I want an ice cream!" I yelled and pointed at the ice cream stand.
"Ice cream it is," Harry laughed as we walked to the ice cream stand.
Oh my god somebody hold me, it's a freaking Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop stand thing!
"What kind do you want?" Harry asked as we looked down at the flavours. 
Shit, there's so many!
"Ehm brownie and a the peanut butter cup thing," I answered and looked down at them.
"No wait! Cookie instead of the brownie thing!" I yelled.
Harry laughed and ordered the peanut butter cup thing and banana with chocolate, or something like that, before he paid.
"Can I taste yours?" I asked, as we sat down on a bench not far from the stand. 
"Sure," Harry led his ice cream up to my face and I tasted it with the spoon I grabbed before at the stand.
"Wanna taste mine?" I asked as I finished chewing the peanut butter cup that I fished up. 
"Sure," Harry opened his mouth and I led the spoon into his mouth, quickly pulling it out afterwards so he chewed on nothing. 
A confused face expression came upon his features.
"Now that weren't nice," he said in a sad tone. 
"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it," I laughed and covered my mouth. 
Harry got up end threw the rest of his ice cream out, walking away. 
"Come on Harry, it was a joke!" I called and ran up behind him. 
Was he seriously mad about that? 
He just kept walking. 
"Don't be mad, Harry," I calmly said and laid my hand on his shoulder. 
No reaction. 
"I'll try the Ferris wheel, if you stop being mad?" He turned around, and a smirk was plastered on his lips. 
Was he just kidding? 
"Did you seriously think I was mad?" I laughed at my stupidity og naiveness. 
"You're a knob, yellow car," I pointed out and punched his shoulder. 
"Aw," he rubbed his shoulder and laughed. 
"You deserved it," I explained and threw my ice cream cup out. 
We walked over to the Ferris wheel and my stomach turned.
"I'm taking you with me, if I fall," I looked at Harry who just laughed. 
Twat, don't laugh at me. 
"You can hold my hand?" He looked down at me and offered his hand in front of me. 
I looked at it before taking it.
"Just don't make the bench swing," I called when he sat down on the bench. 
"I won't," he said and smiled so his dimples were showing.
I sat down and quickly after the wheel started. 
I took a deep breath and felt how my heart pounded against my chest. 
"I don't want to, make it stop!" I called and Harry held his other hand against my mouth. 
"We can't stop now we're almost at the stop, please stop screaming, I'm here," he comforted and removed his hand. 
I nodded in agreement and leaned my head against his shoulder. 
He gave my hand a small squeeze and it made me calmer. 
"Ugh, I'm gonna puke," I  looked at Harry.
"Are you serious?" He looked at me with wide eyes. 
"No, I'm just messing with you, like you did with me," I chuckled and leaned my head against his shoulder again. 
He mumbled a "for fuck sakes," and laughed. 
Got ya.
So far this date, or whatever this is, have been pretty good.


"So did you have a good time?" Harry turned off the engineer and looked at me. 
"I did," I nodded and looked at him. 
I took my seatbelt off and there was a nice silence in the car. 
"Are you tired?" Harry broke the silence after my yawn. 
"Yeah," I chuckled. 
"Then come," he removed his own seatbelt, and got out of his white ford Capri, I got out as well and Harry walked over to my side. 
My back was towards the car, and my front towards Harry. 
His hand placed itself on the car, and I leaned back against it. 
"I also had a good time," he admitted and smirked so his dimples again were showing. 
And now it would probably have been the perfect time to kiss, but no the moment got ruined, and I'm not saying any names Louis William Tomlinson. 
"About time you two got home," Louis interrupted and sprawled out on the front of the car. 
"Hi to you too, Louis," Harry chuckled and slowly pulled away from me. 
Damn you, Lou. 
"Today was nice, see you around," I stood on my toes and awkwardly kissed Harry on the cheek before stepping away from the car. 
"See you around," Louis said and stood up from his relaxed position on the car. 
"Yeah," I was about to hug him, but he distanced himself. 
He pointed on his cheek and smiled. 
Oh, awkward. 
I laughed and lightly pressed my lips to his cheek. 
I waved at them both before walking towards our house. 
Well that was kind of awkward. 
I walked into mine and Stace's room and threw myself on the bed. 

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