Jess Stonelock moves to Carlson University when she can't live with her mom anymore. Jess hates the idea about moving to Carlson University, the thought makes her wanting to puke. Friendships are quickly made, but what about other relationships? When Jess gets related to one of her friends another friend of hers pops out of his friendzone bubble and Jess end in a drama between two of her friends. Who will she choose? One of them will get their heart broken, but what about her? Will she end up with a broken heart after she made her decision?


1. Chapter one ~ Carlson University.


I stepped out of the cab and looked at the big building in front of me. Carlson University. The thought of sharing room with some gross person who don’t wash probably and probably smoke pot too made me wanting to puke. No I didn’t choose to live here. My mom sent me because we got into a big fight ending with me saying I hated her and her sending me to this univerity. The cab driver handed me my bags and I started walking towards the big building. I was greeted by a man, I guess he’s the principal. I looked at his small moustache and weird round glasses and couldn’t help, but laugh inside my head. We shook hands and he helped me with one of my bags.

“You’ll like it here.” He spoke.

Yeah right.

“Uhm sure…” I said shrugging.

“Your room is right down the hall, number 119 is now your new home.” He said laughing while handing me a key.

I rolled my eyes and walked down the hall with my bags. I felt somebody poke my shoulder and turned around to see a curly haired guy.

“You dropped this.” He said smirking while holding a pink lace thong up.

I looked at one of my open bags and of course that fell out, could’ve been a sock, but no let’s start college by dropping a thong, shall we?

I sighed and reached out for it, but he kept raising it. He was god damn annoying, why couldn’t he just give me it? Why be a jerk?

“Seriously?” I asked in an annoyed tone raising one brow.

“If you want it, you have to take it.” He replied grinning.

“Fine keep it.” I said before turning on my heels walking down towards my new home like the man had told me. Ugh no thank you. I placed the key in the keyhole and turned it to the right. The door opened and I walked in finding a blonde girl sitting on her bed doing nail polish on her toes. She stood up and walked towards me on her heels.

“Hi, my name is Stacy Tomlinson, but you can just call me Stace.” She said smiling holding her hand out.

“Jess Stonelock” I replied shaking her hand.

She walked back on her heels and sat down on her bed applying nail polish to her other foot. I grabbed my bags and walked over to an empty closet, putting my clothes inside. She and I chatted while she applied nail polish and I unpacked and made my bed sleepable. She didn’t smoke pot, only cigarettes every now and then but mostly at parties, she had a big brother at this college and she showered every day, I guess I can live with that. A couple of hours went by while I unpacked and we decided to go and get something to eat. We walked out on the hallway and locked the door. Stace showed me where the share living room, eating room, game room and at last kitchen was. We walked inside the kitchen and saw a small group of five boys cooking at one of the small kitchen places inside the kitchen. Stace walked over and hugged one of them.

“Jess meet my brother Louis and his friends Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry.” She said pointing on them.

I smiled and shook their hands except from Harry.

“Don’t I get a handshake?” He asked smirking.

“Don’t I get my thong back?” I replied.

The other boys looked confused.

“You took her thong man?” The blond guy asked. Niall I think it was?

“It’s not like that!” Harry replied.

I only remembered Harry’s and Louis’ name.

“Then what?” The black-haired guy asked.

“She dropped her thong and I tried giving it back, but she wouldn’t take it.”

“You wouldn’t give it to me.” I said crossing my arms at my chest.

“Well this was a bit weird, but Jess we got a dinner to make.” Stace said pulling me towards a kitchen.

“You can eat with us?” The brown-haired guy with brown eyes suggested.

Stace looked at me and I nodded.

“Okay, sounds good” She replied.

“But if we’re making today, you’re making tomorrow!” Louis said.

Stace and I nodded and sat on the kitchen counter looking at them cooking. We all sat down at a table when it was finished and I got the hang of all their names.

“Jess could you hand me the meat?” Harry asked.

“Yeah sure, you think you can give it back? Or don’t I get that back like my thong?” I replied, the others laughing.

“Just give them to me.” He replied reaching out with both arms, flicking his fingers two times towards his palms.

“No need to get inpatient, curly.” I answered handing him the plate.

Louis clapped his hands together laughing.

“Omg, you’re just like Louis.” Stace said laughing.

“And there’s nothing wrong with that!” Louis stated, still laughing.

The others chuckled and we finished our meal chatting, laughing and joking.

“Well, since guys cooked, maybe girls should do the dished hmm?” Harry said smirking.

“Well what are you waiting for?” I replied smirking back.

“Curly 0, Jess 2, Curly got no chance tonight.” Niall said in a boxing commenter voice, like it was a competition.

We all laughed and Stace and I stood up, grabbing the plates. We washed them, dried them and placed them back in the cabins. We walked into the game room and found the boys shouting in front of a screen.

“What’s up with the noise?!” Stace asked.

“We’re playing FIFA, shh” Louis answered looking at the TV.

“Can I play?” I asked.

Stace looked at me with wide eyes.

“What? I got an older brother.” I said grinning.

“We’re playing one against one, winner of each game plays against another, the losers are out.” Liam explained looking at us since he weren’t playing.

Louis and Niall was playing at the moment. 2-0 to Louis.

“But sure you can join, what about you Stace?” Liam asked.

Stace shook her head and said she was just watching tonight, we sat down on the floor on two beanbags and watched.

The game ended and Niall lost.

Harry and Zayn then played, Harry won 3-0.

It was me and Liam’s turn.

“You ready?” He asked smiling.

I nodded and the game started, we played around with the small players. I played one of them up towards his part.

“C’mon Jess!” Louis cheered laughing.

I made the player kick and the ball was successfully placed in his goal.

The game ended 2-1 to me and Liam tickled me when I won.

“Stoooop!” I screamed trying to wiggle out of his grip. He stopped and I finished laughing.

“She’s a screamer…” Somebody mumbled, not sure who.

“Wow that usually never works.” I said.

“Don’t make me do it again.” Liam jokingly replied laughing.

“Jess it’s your turn again.” Louis spoke.

“Against who?” I asked.


I nodded and grabbed the controller that I dropped before when Liam attacked me with tickles.

“You ready Screamer?” Harry asked smirking.

“I was born ready.” I replied.

The game started and I used my best moves right from the beginning. I quickly scored.

“C’mon Curly, don’t bore me.” I spoke looking at the screen.

Chuckles were heard and Harry’s thumbs worked harder on the controller. He placed the ball in my goal.

“You just want to stop here? I mean why play further, you know I’m going to win.” Harry said.

I didn’t reply and kept playing.

“Two minutes left” Louis spoke.

3-3 was the score.

My thumbs were numb, but I kept playing. I kicked it towards his part. I used my last move on him and kicked the ball into his goal.

“Don’t sell the fur until you’ve shot the animal.” I said smirking while leaning back into the chair.

“YEAH JESS! GIRL POWER!” Stace shouted hugging me.

“Well played…” Harry mumbled.

“I’m sorry what did you say Mr. Why-play-further?” I said holding my hand up to my ear.

“Well played.” He said.

“Little louder please.”

“WELL PLAYED! Loud enough?” He shouted.

“Yeah, thanks” I said smiling.

“Well it’s about bedtime, shall we take the final tomorrow Jess?” Louis asked.

“We shall.” I replied.

“Man no, there’s party tomorrow.” Zayn said.

“Oh yeah! Another time then?” Louis asked smiling.

I nodded. We stood up and all hugged goodnight.

“Wow I get a goodnight hug.” Harry said while we hugged.

“Yeah well it’s the least I can do, you know to make you feel better over the fact I whipped your ass loser” I replied laughing.

“Mate she’s knocking you out every time.” Zayn said laughing while hugging Stace.

We all went to each of our rooms. Stace and I changed into our PJ’s and sat on out beds talking before both of us fell asleep.

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