Jess Stonelock moves to Carlson University when she can't live with her mom anymore. Jess hates the idea about moving to Carlson University, the thought makes her wanting to puke. Friendships are quickly made, but what about other relationships? When Jess gets related to one of her friends another friend of hers pops out of his friendzone bubble and Jess end in a drama between two of her friends. Who will she choose? One of them will get their heart broken, but what about her? Will she end up with a broken heart after she made her decision?


4. Chapter four ~ all about football.

I woke up and rubbed my eyes a few times. They were almost glued together. I'm not sure if it is because the old make up or my still sleepy self. I looked over at Stace's bed , but it was empty. 
"Stace?" I grunted, still tired.
No answer.
I looked at my night stand and a little yellow post-it note caught my eyes.
"I'm eating breakfast with the others, get up sleepyhead! Well you probably already are up since you're reading this... Never mind!
Stace :) x"
I silently nodded to myself and swung my legs over the bedside. I grabbed a pair of knee long socks in my drawer and stepped into them. Almost falling, my balance not the greatest in the morning. I slid on a over-sized tee and a pair of shorts. I quickly removed my make-up, brushed my teeth, at least fifth-teen times just to be sure and pulled my hair into a messy bun before walking out of the door. I walked down the hall corridors and down the stairs before turning into the eating room. Stace, Lou, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Harry were already eating breakfast. 
"Good morning sunshine!" Louis cheered, screaming.
"Good morning!" I replied, matching his scream. 
The others grunted, clearly not fully awaken yet.
We all chatted and ate our breakfast, Harry's head bowed the whole time, looking down onto the table surface.
When we were full, we cleared the table and did the dishes. 
"So Harry you stumbled into the room last night, cupping your crotch, did you really do someone that good?" Louis asked wiping a plate, smiling widely. 
Harry cleared his voice. "Uhm, I guess I did." He replied looking at me.
"Awe Harry, I didn't know you did my knee." I said.
"What?" The other asked.
"Harry didn't have crotch pains because of that, he had them because he wouldn't take no for an answer, so my knee happily said hi to his crotch." 
The others laughed.
"Well look at that Curly, were you hitting on Jess?" Louis said nudging Harry with his elbow.
"To my offence I was really really drunk, and I'm sorry Jess." Harry said looking at me.
"Apology accepted." I answered.
We finished of the dishes and sat down in the living room. 
"So what now?" Stace asked.
"Hmm we could play football outside?" Louis asked.
The others shrugged, but it ended with we all stood outside with a football.
"So, lets make some teams!" Louis said clapping his hands together. 
"Who's picking?" Niall asked. 
"I guess we just have to call shot gun?" Zayn suggested.
"Shot gun!" Stace and Louis yelled in union.
"I guess it's settled then." Liam said chuckling.
"Girls first..." Stace trailed off. "Jess, you're on my team." She finished.
I walked over and stood beside her.
"Harry." Louis called.
"Niall." Stace followed.
"Zayn." Louis said.
"Yes! We get Liam!" Stace cheered. "Sorry Zayn." She apologised afterwards. 
"Ready to lose?" Louis asked smirking.
"Ask your players that." Stace replied giggling.
The game started and we all ran around after the ball. 
Louis had the ball and I sprinted after him. I went for the ball, but he made a small trick at the last moment so the ball escaped my foot. I tried again and caught the ball, I ran away with it and played Liam, Liam played Niall, Niall played me and I played the goal. 
"one - zero!" Stace called from our goal. 
The ball was played around again and Liam played me, I ran up the field. I heard two persons behind me and ran faster. 
I felt two hands on my hips and I was lifted from the ground. I squirmed a bit in the grip. And the person swung me around, I couldn't fight my laugh back.
I saw Louis running in right in front of me and taking the ball between his feet, running away with it. When he was out of sight I was safely placed back on the ground. I turned around and saw Harry standing in front of me.
"You have a cute laugh." He spoke, smiling widely..
"Thanks." I replied looking up at him.  
He was actually quite cute. The messy hair and deep green eyes caught me into a trance.
"C'mon Jess!" Stace called.
I got back to reality and ran towards the ball.
I heard feet behind me again and Harry passed me. I'm not a quick runner, but I still tried catching him. That didn't work out and he scored. 
We kept playing and suddenly it stood 6-6.
"Next goal win guys." Louis called out. 
We all nodded in agreement. 
The ball was played back and forth and suddenly it was between Harry's feet. I smirked and ran up behind him, this time catching him. I jumped onto his back and clung to him. He laughed loudly. Stace ran in and took the ball, right in front of us. She ran up the field and played Niall, who later scored.
"Yaaay!" I cheered. 
"You cheater." Harry said laughing and spun around, with me still on his back. Once again I couldn't help, but laugh. When he finished I jumped down and the winners gave each other high-five's. 
It got dark and we all walked inside. It was the girls turn to make dinner so Stace and I started in the kitchen, while the guys was playing table football. They sure loved football. 
We chopped, boiled, cut and at last we placed the lasagna in the oven. 
"Is there anything going on between you and Harry?" Stace asked grinning like an idiot and jumped onto one of the kitchen counters. 
I laughed. "No, not at all."
"You would look cute together though." She said sighing.

I'm so sorry for first updating now, but I had a few problems, I hope you can understand. Feedback is appreciated! .x

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