Jess Stonelock moves to Carlson University when she can't live with her mom anymore. Jess hates the idea about moving to Carlson University, the thought makes her wanting to puke. Friendships are quickly made, but what about other relationships? When Jess gets related to one of her friends another friend of hers pops out of his friendzone bubble and Jess end in a drama between two of her friends. Who will she choose? One of them will get their heart broken, but what about her? Will she end up with a broken heart after she made her decision?


5. Chapter five ~ truth or dare and intimacy.

"Aw, aw, aw!" I yelled as I pulled the lasagna out of the oven.
I placed it on the stove and threw the towel, that I used for my hands, on the counter. 
"You ok there?" I turned around to see Louis grinning at the doorframe. 
"Of course, why don't you help me instead of standing there?" He shrugged and walked towards me. 
He grabbed the towel and the lasagna before walking out of the kitchen, towards the eating room. I grabbed the salad and followed. 
We all ate our food and the boys did the dishes. 
"So anyone wanna do truth or dare?" Louis asked as they returned to the eating room.
"Here?" Stace looked at them with wide eyes.
"No, at our rooms of course!" He said while dingling a vodka bottle in the air.
We all nodded and went to Harry's and Louis' room.
It was actually okay tidy for a guy room, and it didn't smell, so I was actually quite surprised. We spread ourselves out in the room, Louis and Stace on the floor, Liam and Niall on Louis' bed, Zayn in a beanbag chair on the floor and Harry and I on his bed. 
"Looks like I got you in my bed," Harry said winking.   
"You got me in, but you ain't getting any," I laughed. 
He sighed and Louis cleared his voice. 
"Jess, truth or dare?" He took a sip from the bottle and passed it to Stace, who did the same and passed it on.
"Hmm, truth!" Louis sighed and mumbled a "so boring." 
"How many have you slept with?" The bottle was passed to me and I took a sip. 
"I'm not saying the exact number, but you can finger-count it." I answered. 
Well I wasn't lying about the exact number, but you can't really count zero fingers...
The others nodded and the bottle kept getting passed around. 
"Harry, truth or dare?" I looked at Harry and smirked.
"Truth," he grinned widely.
"Same question," Louis broke into a loud laugh and clapped his hands. 
"This is going to be good!" Louis screamed.
"I don't know the exact number, but its definitely not on finger-count," Harry laughed. 
The bottle was almost empty, so Louis found another one from his drawer. 
We were all tipsy at the moment, but we kept drinking. 
"Stace, truth or dare?" Harry asked.
"Dare," she replied.
The boys all exchanged looks and smirked widely.
Oh no, this is not going to be good for Stace.
"I dare you to, kiss Jess for 30 seconds," me and Stace looked at each other.
Fuck it.
I crawled down on the floor and straddled Stace.
I bowed my head and our lips met each other.
As they moved together we could hear the boys cheering and wolf whistling.
"Times up!" Called Liam. 
I pulled away and we both started laughing. 
"That was..." Mumbled Harry. 
"Fucking hot!" Laughed Zayn. 
I crawled back onto Harry's bed and Stace asked me for truth or dare. 
Damn you Stace.
"Ehm dare!" Stace thought for a second and a devilish smirk came up on her face. 
"I dare you to kiss all the boys and say which one is the best!" She screamed out. 
"Okay, Zayn come here," I chuckled.
I sat on the edge of the bed and Zayn walked towards me. 
He gave me a big smile before he pressed his lips against mine. 
They were soft and tasted like a mix of cigarettes and vodka.
He pulled back after a bit time and sat down.
Not bad Zayn, not bad.
"Ehm Niall then," this time I stood up and walked over to Niall. 
I pressed my lips to his and we started kissing.
He gently pulled my down so I sat on his lap in a weird way.
He kissed my bottom lip before we pulled away, which I actually found quite cute. 
Not bad either, definitely not bad. 
Since Liam was sitting up against the wall, on the bed, I crawled onto the bed and sat in between his legs. I sat face to face with him and placed my legs over his, before we both leaned in. 
As we kissed my hands crawled to his neck and his to my lower spine. The kiss was so soft and delicate. Liam drew small circles on my back before we pulled apart.
Liam sure is a softy.
"Come here, babe!" Louis yelled laughing as I got out of the bed. He stood up from the ground and picked me up. My feet were around his hips and he walked over to a wall and pressed me up against it.
Oh. My. Louis. 
He smiled into the kiss and gave my arse a cheeky squeeze before letting me down on my feet again. 
It was like the kisses was a mirror of the boys' personality. Sickkk!
"That was so weird, seeing my brother like that," Stace laughed. 
"The ladies like it," Louis laughed.
They sure do... Hell even I do..
"Don't push me away this time," Harry said as I straddled him. 
"I won't," I cupped the back of his neck with my hands and our lips met. His hands wandered to my arse and he stood up. He turned around and laid me down on his bed. His tongue sneaked it's way into my mouth and swirled around mine. He gently bid my lower lip and gave my arse a firm squeeze, before he pulled away. He flashed his toothpaste smile and sat back up. I didn't sit back up, but I turned to my side so I could see the others. 
Fuck, I've never been kissed like that before. Ever! Like Louis squeezed my arse as well, but damn that kiss.
I kinda felt like Harry showed off, when he kissed me. Weird.
"Soooo who's the best kisser?" Stace asked smiling widely. 
They were all so good, but one definitely shined through.
"To be fair... It was you Stace," I laughed.
It wasn't Stace, but I don't like choosing between them. 
We kept playing for a long time, and number three bottle of vodka got opened along the way, because Niall knocked number two over and spilled half of it.
Oh well. 


"I wanna get my pj on!" I yelled and stood up from the bed.
"Shh! And you're not going anywhere in that condition," Harry pulled me down on the bed and laughed. 
Louis, Stace and Niall went to McDonald's for a midnight snack, and Zayn and Liam fell asleep on each other. 
They look so cute!
"Why not? I'm not drunk, curly," I laughed and twirled one of his ringlets around my finger. 
"Yes you are, let me get you back and into bed," he stood up and guided me out of the room and down the hallways. 
Harry himself was drunk, but not wasted drunk like me. 
We made it to me and Stace's room and Harry opened the door, with they key he earlier had sneaked out of my jeans pocket. 
Sneaky bastard. 
We walked, well I stumbled, into me and Stace's room and Harry went into the small bathroom. 
I stood in front of my bed and pulled my jeans down. I stepped out of them and pulled my socks off.
I didn't even hear the bathroom door open behind me, and just as I crossed my arms at my front, and pulled on the hem of my top, two large hands overlapped mine. Slowly our hands lifted my top off and threw it to the floor. I turned around and looked up at the curly haired boy in front of me. 
"Hi," he whispered. 
"Hi," I whispered back and wrapped my arms around his neck. 
He bowed his head down and I met him on the halfway by standing on my toes. Our lips moulded against each other and his hands ran up to my back. He flicked my bra open and I moved my hands down so it fell off. I felt extremely exposed, but the alcohol told me not to care. So I didn't. I tugged on the hem of his shirt and he pulled it off. I haven't noticed how strong and toned Harry was, but wow. I slowly opened his belt, and once again his large hands overlapped mine and pulled his jeans down. He pulled me closer so our bare chests were pressed together and gently he laid me down, with him on top of me. He pulled his boxers off and hooked his fingers under my knickers. Just as he was about to pull them down I stopped him. 
"Wait a second, Harry," I held his wrist in my hand and looked up at him. 
"What?" He looked confused and his brows were slightly furrowed. 
I bid my lip and looked away from him. 
"Hey," he moved the hand, which wrist I held onto, out of my grip and gently moved my face to look at him. 
"You can tell me," his thumb swiped over my cheek and our eyes locked onto each other. 
"I'm a..." I whispered.
He gave me a small smile, took his boxers on again and laid down next to me. 
"It's okay, babe," Harry wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into him.
I laid my hand on his chest and drew small drawings.
"Harry?" I whispered.
"Mhmm?" I looked up at him.
"How many have you slept with? Like just about," he looked down at me and lifted one brow.
"Sure you wanna know it?" I sighed and shook my head.
"Thought so, get some sleep," he kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes.


"Babe? Jess?" I rubbed and opened my eyes to see Harry by my side.
"Yeah?" He ran his hand up and down my back.
"The others are waiting for us at the eating room, get up," he kissed my forehead before getting out of bed. I followed and pulled on some baggy clothes. I washed my face and removed my make-up before Harry and I walked down to the eating room. It was strange, I didn't really question or got annoyed when Harry kissed me anymore, it was strangely nice.
"Ohhhhh where did you two end up last night?" Asked Zayn who filled his mouth with cereal.
Harry and I only looked at each other and shrugged. 
I actually felt a bit embarrassed over the fact that I told Harry I was a virgin yesterday.
We ate our breakfast in silence, all of us too hungover and tired to talk. 
During the dishes we started talking a bit, but still not completely. 
"Jess was well wasted yesterday," laughed Louis, still a bit drunk. 
"Yeah, but the kiss was fantastic!" Laughed Niall and ate a spoon of cereal. 
I kinda blushed when they all agreed it was. 
"Jess, can I talk to you?" I looked up at Harry. I nodded and we went out of the kitchen and over to the stairs. I sat down on the stairs and looked up at him. I was a bit scared to be honest. 
"Don't look scared," he laughed. 
"I am," I chuckled. 
"Well, I want to ask you, do you want to go to an amusement park with me today?" He looked a bit nervous.
"Yeah, I'd love to," I giggled. 
He blew out some air and smiled widely. 
"Come on, lets get ready then," he offered me his hand and I took it.
He pulled me up, a bit too hard, so I stumbled into Harry who stumbled back into the wall behind him. 
Both of my hands were on his chest, so was I, and Harry's arms were wrapped around me. 
"Are you okay?" He chuckled.
"Yeah, just don't pull me too hard, I'm not that big," I chuckled back. 
"Okay, I'll be more gentle," he winked. 
Cheeky thing. 

Hi people! Sorry for the late (really late) update! I promise I'll update faster, I just had a small break with it, but I'm back on track! The chapter is a bit longer, as a small apology. But what do you think of it? Did you like it? What about the Truth or Dare kisses? What do you think about Jess being a virgin? Harry's reaction? Their date? Tell me about it!! x

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