Appreciate who you have today, because they might not be here tomorrow.


2. It's No Joke

Hey, guys. I wrote this in honor of someone close to me. They took their life a few months ago and it still haunts me. I wonder everyday if their is somethings I could've done to stop them, but deep down I know their isn't. Unfortunately, they had a lot of mental health and depression issues the doctors couldn't get under control and there's nothing any body could've done to stop them 

Suicide isn't a joke. It's not funny to kid about with your friends and certainly not funny when you make fun of somebody for thinking about it. Imagine if the person in the last chapter was your best friend. You came to school one day to realize he/she's gone forever. Never again do you get to talk to them, joke with them, text them, share secrets with them, hang out with them, nothing. It's no so funny now, is it?

I don't know anybody who's going to read this Movella, but I want you all to know I care. If you self-harm or have ever thought about suicide, please stop and think. People out there do care about you. Your friends, your family, your teachers, coaches, whoever, but their are people who care.

If you ever feel the need to harm your self or worse, please feel free to Kik me. I'll leave my Kik username below. I won't judge you on what's bothering you, I just want to listen and make sure you're not going to do anything you regret.

I know how easy it is to just pick up the razor and cut. I know how easy it is to grab a pill and forget the world, or what ever you may do. It's a hell of a lot easier than dealing with what's bothering you. But it's not helping you. It may momentarily get rid of the problem, but overall you still have it. You've done nothing but cause a nasty scar, or lose brain cells, or messed up your insides, and you still have a problem left. It may seem like the problem will never go away. That you'll be stuck in this endless depression forever. But it get's better. Just talk about it. I don't care if you talk to me, or your parents, or another friend, or a counselor. Just talk to somebody and please understand that talking about it does help. It may not seem like it, but try. Just try.

I love you all, and please love yourself enough to not destroy yourself. <3


A recovering Self-Harmer


Kik: Weyheygoaway

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