In a far-away universe, a team of legendary explorers set out to be the first to reach the point that no man has before-
Mortla- the Icy peak of the planet.
All fear the perilous landscape; the rumours of old lingering in their minds.
But desperate times called for desperate measures- fuel supplies were fading fast and soon, there would not be enough to power the sun...


1. 'Crunch'




The repetetive sound of footfall echoed across the harsh landscape, returning distortedly back to us, as though a thousand weary men were walking with us. It was quite nice really- it deluded us into thinking we were not alone here, a false sense of security enveloped us and we felt spirited, as we walked on. We were united. We were together. And that was all we felt mattered.

Of course, we still focussed on the goal of the expedition, but it felt slightly less urgent as we ventured further into the unknown realms...



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