Kiss You

One Girl
Five Boys
There is a beginning and then it just gets harder and harder to deal with. Youd think being on tour with the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, would be awesomely plain sailing, Think Again. More Girls and more challenges. Twitter Hate, Depression, Break-ups, Make-ups, this book has it all but I warn that it is not for the younger ages.

To give an idea of what age it is for: The writer is 13.


3. Stole My Heart


    I swore that Naava was lying, about meeting One Direction and was going out with NIALL!!!! But as we walked back into the pub they were there. All 5 of them. IN THE ACTUAL FLESH! What was even more surprising that Naava walked and ran up to Niall and hugged him. I stood there slightly awkwardly staring at them in disbelief.  But Louis came over to me.

"Hello, I''m Louis and you are?"

"Emma, Naava's best directioner friend."

"So you like us then?"

"I think adore, love or worship are more accurate words. I think that must of sounded really creepy. I'm gonna go talk to Naava, you coming?" I laughed.


Her laugh was so beautiful, so cute, so... perfect. She was so confident and not screaming. Not like Naava though, more she was too shocked to scream. She then ran over to Naava and started talking to her and Niall, but Liam came over to me.

"So is my big brother in love then?" He then laughed, sometimes he was so annoying. He acted like he was the oldest, like I was the younger one. I wasn't in love, I was just incredibly smitten.

"Not exactly but I'm gonna ask her in the next  hours." I replied as Zayn came over and Liam started chanting in a whisper.

"Louis wants Emma to be his girlfriend, Louis wants Emma to be his girlfriend, Louis wants Emma to be his girlfriend" He then cause Zayn and himself to laugh. I sighed and walked towards Emma.

"Hey, I'm bored, do you wanna go for a walk?" I looked at her long deep dark brown hair and her beautiful green eyes shone.

"Yeah, I can only take so much Niava."

"Niava?" I said as we walked out the door and instantly turned Left, crossed the road and took a little walk Emma seemed to know.

"Niall and Naava mash up, Niava, Race you!" She siad before running off. It took me a second to react and I was off.


   I wasn't the best at talking so I challenged him to a race. I had seen it in the movies. He chased after me but I kept running. I turned a corner and hid behind a massive tree. As he ran past, he stopped and I jumped out. He jumped and laughed! I ran up to him and he picked me up.

"Louis your amazing." I said looking up he was only a little taller than me but it was romantic.

"So are you, look Emma. I know we have barely known each other for long but..." I cut him off with a kiss, on the lips. I then replied with one word.


"You know you stole my heart, right." He walk off with me hand in hand singing Stole My Heart.

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