Kiss You

One Girl
Five Boys
There is a beginning and then it just gets harder and harder to deal with. Youd think being on tour with the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, would be awesomely plain sailing, Think Again. More Girls and more challenges. Twitter Hate, Depression, Break-ups, Make-ups, this book has it all but I warn that it is not for the younger ages.

To give an idea of what age it is for: The writer is 13.


8. Stand Up


It had been a while since the incident, my leg is better now and I can stand up when I need to but it still hurts. Harry and Liam both look at me now as if to do something. I know Harry said he loved me and I am with Liam but it's all a muddle. As far as I see it, it's like this:

I am with Liam

Liam likes me

Harry loves me

I kinda like Harry

Naava and Harry look cute together and I think Naava likes Harry.

It's all a mess. I don't want Naava to get hurt because it looks like something is really up. She's more quite than usual and she will only wear long sleeves, I didn't even know she brought anything with long sleeves. I don't wanna hurt either Liam or Harry. I want to go home. I think all the girls do for one reason or another. Today I go to the chiropractic to see if I still need the wheelchair. Everything's wrong...


Patsy just won't leave my side. There's clingy and then there's Patsy. She's always correcting me and every little imperfection about me she points out such as the time I had like the tiniest bit of tomato sauce on my stubble and she like had a go at me for it and talked about for ages. She won't let me out of her sight. If a leave the room she'll follow me and even when I'm on the toilet she'll be near the door. I need to talk to her. Wait, here she comes...

"Hey babe, can we talk please?" I said. She walked over and almost sat right on top of me.

"What is it babe?" she replied.

"Why won't you leave me alone?"

"Babe, because I love you."

"No, you won't even let me go to the loo without you."

"Problem? Babes..."

"Patsy, baby... I think we have to end it."

"If that's the way you feel."

"I think it is"

She walked out and I went to go find Liam.


Zayn knocked on my door and walked in. He looked confused and upset. He proclaimed that he had broken up with Patsy. I wasn't shocked, even a blind man could see how clingy Patsy was. Patsy was stuck to him like gum to a shoe. He sat down and grabbed the spare controller. Zayn doesn't like to talk, he likes to tell and then shut up. We played games until he went back to his room to crash out but I doubt he did.



Authors Note

Hey, I personally hate Authors Notes but I want to apologize for the fact I didn't write for a whole month and that this chapter is very short. I did NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I wanted a break from writing for a bit. It was supposed to only be a week but then stuff happened and I forgot about this. This chapter is incredibly short because it will take me while to get back into writing and writing regularly.

See ya!


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