Kiss You

One Girl
Five Boys
There is a beginning and then it just gets harder and harder to deal with. Youd think being on tour with the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, would be awesomely plain sailing, Think Again. More Girls and more challenges. Twitter Hate, Depression, Break-ups, Make-ups, this book has it all but I warn that it is not for the younger ages.

To give an idea of what age it is for: The writer is 13.


1. Moments


    It's my first day behind the bar. I live in a restaurant/pub with my mum and dad who run it. I'd worked in the kitchen washing up for I think it's been 6 years now. But I'd had been working for about 4 hours now so I got a 30min break. So I talked to my mum as the pub gets quieter "Can I go for my break now?"
"Yea" replies Mum and I begin to walk off. But she calls after me "Oh yeah, Naava, don't forget to get your little sister lunch too" That's me, Naava, and yes I do know it's a stupid name. I'm 19 going on 20 and I have long brown hair (like down to my waist).
I call back "Of course, call me if you need me" I walked up the stairs but I was only up there 5 minutes and i was halfway through my chicken, soft cheese and lettuce wrap when my mum runs into the front room. I was scared, why was she running? So I say "What, who has died?"
So my mum replies "Not who has died, who has arrived. Guess!"
"Some actor I have barely heard of?"
"No, One..."
"If you say Direction I will scream!"
"Direction" I screamed. Mum then says "They ordered food and it's ready so is there a 19-year-old beautiful girl who wants to serve them?"
"Did you need to ask." I then take a second to apply a layer of my favorite and lucky lip-gloss, fix my hair, put on my favorite berèe and neckerchief and to make sure I look alright. I then run downstairs put on my confidence boots (and again I do know how stupid that sounds but they work) and pick up all five meals and once, glance at the table number and walk out. Inside I am totally fangirling but on the outside I am cool and collected. I walk up to Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall (sitting in that order) and they're talking. I try to interrupt without screaming.
"Excuse me, which of you had the chicken pie?"
Liam replies with "That would be me" So I handed it over.
"The rare steak?"
Harry, "Me" So I pass him the steak.
"The sausage and mash, not onion gravy?"
Zayn's turn "My Turn, thanks"
"The fish and chips?"
Louis pipes up now, "Over here, thank you"
"And I'm guessing the surf and turf is yours then?" I look at Niall.
Niall replies "And you guessed right", He looked at the plate I had just put in front of him, "FOOD!".
"Could I get any of you any sauces?"
Niall then says "Could I have some mayo? Please"
"Sure, I'll be back in a minute."


        She was hot. I knew the boys thought so too, but I was gonna be the one to talk to her. I didn't need the mayo, I needed time to come up with what to say. She was so cool, so collected, so NOT screaming. It was nice for once, not to be screamed at. Oh, wait she's coming back. Look at her walk, so hot!
She says "Mayo" and hands it to me "Anything else, coffee?"
So I try to sound cool "Actually do you wanna join us... I never asked, your name?"
She replies "Naava, and I'm sure you don't want a girl like me with, well, you. Your like mega stars."
"Yeah we do" Zayn said.
"Zayn is right, please sit with us" I said. I looked into her eyes. The were the deepest blue. I could stare into  for days they were so beautiful. I blinked and turned away so it wasn't rude.
"I'm working..." she replied.
"Naava, just sit down already!!" called the woman from the bar.
"I guess I'm sitting then" she said. I could see Liam melt with her voice. It was not fair. I was the one who invited her to sit with us. I should get dibs. Harry would hurt her, Liam was too old - I guess she was only 18, Zayn has a girlfriend and Louis, well. She was mine! I know there is no such thing as 'dibs' on a girl but you get what I mean.
"Who was the woman, the one who told you to sit down?" Harry asked, his eyes drifted to her breasts but Liam nudged him before Naava noticed. I told you, Harry will hurt her!
"My mum and actually my boss, it was my first shift down here so she was watching over. Okay, my turn. Why are you in this stupid nothing of a village? I mean, you could go anywhere in the whole world and you choose this tiny village where 90% of the population is over 65." She sounded so confused and cute. I could listen to her speak for years. That voice made me and the boys melt inside.
"We were..." I started by Liam cut me off, thanks!
"We are taking some time away and going to a village were there are mostly oldies so we could relax. My turn..." Liam said
"Actually. It's mine." Louis interrupted. He hadn’t said anything yet but she smiled at him as she looked at him. Damn!


"Do you sing?" I asked. She looked like she could. The boys had had their fair time to impress. Especially Niall, so it was mine.
"Not to people. Bad experiences. Why?" she replied. Her voice, her beauty, her. It had to be  mine.
"We make it our business to know our fans, which you are one, right?" I needed to keep her talking.
"Yea, if you walked into my room you wouldn't guess. I'm saving up to spend half term directionizing my room. A wall for each of you. My room has 7 walls because it is crazy like that but I’m leaving one for my designs." That sounded so creative but her designs? I just was about to ask but Liam got there.
"Two things, Designs? And that doesn't add up. 5 of us plus your designs equals 6 not 7. Who is the last wall for?" Liam is so annoying sometimes. She answered barely looking at him. She looked at Harry. Damn Harry!
"I feel like I know you and you know me. We’ve only just met. Sorry. My designs are my fashion designs. I want to study fashion at university, much to my mum’s disgust, and move to Paris and the last wall is for Kevin" she then began to giggle. Her giggle was so cute.


    I know the boys want her and I know they think I will hurt her but I have never felt like this before. I think I might love her.
"Kevin has his own wall. Yeah, I see the point of that. But out of us who has the biggest wall?"
"What is this?  20 questions? And I can't say." But she glanced at Niall and Louis. I’m not Irish and I don’t have a crazy love for carrots. I’m not the bad boy or the charitable guy. I’m just me. They never pick me to settle down with, because I flirt. I only flirt because I haven’t found the right girl. Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall aren’t like me. They don’t flirt so they are chosen. They choose the others, not the curly haired one. No one takes me seriously when I say I want to settle down with a girl. And I think that girl is Naava.


  I cannot really believe that I was sitting with One Direction. And they were asking about little Me!
"Can we have pudding?" Niall asked. I laughed, I hate my laugh. I sound like a horse on drugs. It’s one of the things people bully me for. My laugh. I vow to myself that I wont laugh but it escapes sometimes. Those sometimes I hate. I hadn’t thought they had noticed so I said.
"Sure, give me a second" I got up to grab a five desert menus. As  I turned around they were all staring at me. I hated it, I felt like if I did anything wrong they would laugh. I looked to my feet, why weren’t my boots doing their magic! My fringe kinda covered my face and I felt myself blush. Niall and Louis realized what they were doing and stopped, at least they did. I felt a little better but I barely move my head up. I feel so stupid. They're just being polite. I'll go in a moment.


I think were scaring her. She didn’t lift her head up much when she hands out the menus. She then says she has to go and if you want desert, order from the bar. She apologized and practically ran away from us. She then slows down and  walks up to her mum, says that she will be back for the end of her break. She picked up her phone and earphones (pink and silver ones) and walks out. The rest of the guys didn’'t notice so I say that I’m feeling sick and I’m gonna go for a walk. I then said that I’ll make my way back to the hotel soon. Liam wanted to come with but I convince him not to. I then run close to Naava but lag a few steps behind. She doesn’t notice me so I decided not to disturb her. She then turned into a little field walk where there were no one around. Then she began to sing in the voice of an angel. It took me a few seconds to realize what she was singing. But how could anyone hate it I wouldn’t ever know...
You never love yourself half as much as i love you
you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to
if I let you know, I'm here for you
maybe you'll love yourself like I love you oh
I've just let these little things slips out of my mouth
because it's you, oh it's you, it's you they add up to
I'm in love with you, and all your little things.
I want to join in and I was about to but she span around saw me, froze and began to cry.


I was crying, just great. But what was worse than that was he heard me sing, I didn’t know what to do so I shouted at him through my sobs.
"What are you doing here? Go away!" I then run to the bench, sit down and bury my face in my hands. Niall gets to the bench. I then drop my head onto his shoulder but he lifted my head up and puts it on him lap. My wet face is still covered with my hands and Niall began to take my hair down and plays with a strand, it felt nice. He started singing Little Things. My sons became quieter and further apart, slowly I stopped sobbing and move my hands but can’t face him. He stops singing and speaks in a wisper right by my ear so his warm breath brushed across me.
"I'm here because I wanted to apologize for making you feel awkward and I  wanted to go for a walk so I followed you. I'm not leaving and your singing was so beautiful. Its hard to describe it."
I decided to say something back. I sounded somewhere between angry and upset. "How about 'cat in a dishwasher' or 'stuck up boffin sounds like her face, crap!' Or my personal favorite 'fat lump ain't like Adele. At least Adele can through the stage door to perform and can sing'"
"They say all that?" he looked sorry for me but I had started the conversation so what  was I expecting.
"If not about my looks and I have none, or my singing which I can’t. It would be about my size, fat or something else"
"And you believe them?" By now I am staring into those eyes. They are so blue.I reply with a tear down my face, "yes".

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