Kiss You

One Girl
Five Boys
There is a beginning and then it just gets harder and harder to deal with. Youd think being on tour with the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, would be awesomely plain sailing, Think Again. More Girls and more challenges. Twitter Hate, Depression, Break-ups, Make-ups, this book has it all but I warn that it is not for the younger ages.

To give an idea of what age it is for: The writer is 13.


5. I Wish


We were all set and ready to go as we got on the bus but as we walked into the game room to meet Patsy and Charleigh we were shocked. Charleigh had a new hair style. Dyed, cute, just not her! We'd all known Charleigh since Zayn started dating Patsy a year ago and she felt like one of us. She was always level-headed and chilled. If we went out to a party she would be the one to make sure we all got back safely. We never thought  of her as more then a friend but this hairstyle it changed everything. Her hair was autumn leaf red and a side fringe. She had curled it but left it at that . It was stunning. Questions started racing through my head. Am I thinking of her differently? Why did she do this? Am I feeling different because of this? Is this what I think it is...


Charleigh was HOT! We were all stunned but Patsy broke the silence by running up to Zayn and screaming "Zayny-Baby!" He picked her up and span her around, kissing her on her forehead Niall felt it appropriate to tell them about Naava and Emma.

"Patsy, Charleigh! Hey! I would like to introduce my beautiful girlfriend Naava". Naava blushed like hell, dropped her head and went to hide behind Emma. "And this is..." Louis cut him off.

"My wonderful girlfriend Emma." Emma was a lot more confident and walked up to Patsy and Charleigh.

"Sweet hairstyle!" She looked at Charleigh's hair. "So you're the famous Patsy and Charleigh! I just love you guys. So does Naava, she's just really shy." Emma is just so... well, Emma! Charleigh was the next to speak..

"Cool! I can't wait to know you both better! Patsy and I have sorted out the rooms. Emma and Naava yours is the room with the room with nothing on the door. Sorry..." We all walked off to our rooms, Emma and I to unpack, the others to settle back in.


I couldn't believe Niall would embarrass me like that. As I walked into Emma's and mine's room I was shocked. It was like I was seeing double. There were 2 beds, 2 wardrobes, 2 chests of drawers, 2 of everything! Everything was a pale blue except from the One Direction logo which was spray-painted in red on the wall. I set my suitcase on the bed and began to unpack. I hang up my clothes in rainbow order, put my underwear in the top draw of other chest of drawers, socks and tights in the one below. I noticed the bottom draw was lockable, so I grabbed my photos, clothes designs, song books and portable piano in the bottom drawer and locked it. I put the books and other things on the shelves except from my toiletries which went in the en-suite and my sewing box. That went on my bed because I wanted to sew a door hanger out of my favorite fabric which was a striped green, blue and white square piece. I had just finished the hem and was about to embroider mine and Emma's name on it when I heard a knock at the door. Emma shouted "Come In!". I didn't look up but felt someone sit at the end of my bed. I looked up to ask them to move but saw those blue eyes and blonde hair and realized it was my Niall! I rushed to put my sewing kit away but Niall grabbed my hand and that sexy Irish accent filled my ears.

"Love, slow down, you'll hurt yourself. All unpacked then?" I finished putting my sewing kit away and I moved next to him. I got that butterfly feeling I get when I remember this perfect Irish god is my boyfriend. He was just so perfect! I don't know why he would ever want a girl like me but I wasn't gonna complain.


"What were you sewing?" I lent my head on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, it's stupid."

"Tell me or I'll tickle you. 1...2...3..." He started ticking me and I started laughing my horrible laugh . I had to submit so in between laughs I cried.

"Okay, okay!" He stopped and kissed my forehead. "It was a door hanger thing, something to make this Emma and mine's room and to remind us of home." I looked at my feet, he pushed my head up and kissed me. We fought for dominance and Niall won. I was a loving caring kiss but before we got any further Emma coughed.

"Still here y'know." We broke apart and began to laugh, I blushed red. But Niall's beautiful laugh faded out and he looked sad.

"Naava, just like Emma and Louis, we're gonna need to tell everyone and what ever they say I'll be here for you. Okay?" I wish this didn't have to happen it will all be @NaavaS<3 Your a fat ugly bitch! Niall is just feeling sorry for you! or @NaavaS<3 Go die you Niall stealer!. I don't think I could cope but I also knew Niall was right.

"You'll tweet I guess?"

"Yeah. Look..."

"I'm fine!" We sat and talked and laughed for hours.


       No one else was in the main room except from Charleigh so I sat next to her. She smiled and I had to ask.

"Why did you do that, to your hair?"

"None of you guys thought of me as 'Hot' or 'Gorgeous' and I hated it. I was fed up of the boring one. I wanna have a laugh. Maybe then any of you would like me." She looked somewhere between angry and upset. Like she was gonna freak and begin shouting with tears falling down her face. I had to do something. There was only one thing...


     He kissed me, so out of the blue, so spontaneous, so overdue. He had shoved his lips onto my lifeless lips but now we were moving in time until he broke away and was whispering.

"I always looked at you that way. Be mine?" and I nodded and kissed him on the forehead. We sat and watched TV, Harry walked in and I think I saw him glare at Liam. He wouldn't, Liam was like a brother to him. I remember #LirryBromance trending on twitter and he wouldn't wanna wreck that.


    I hate him! H-A-T-E H-I-M! HATE HIM! He saw how I looked at her now and he took her from right under my nose. I was gonna do something!

"Liam, can we talk?!? Outside!"

"What's up!??! WHAT'S UP!!!!! You took Charleigh is what's up !"

"Bro, Harry... You never liked her so what does it matter?"

"You didn't either! Neither of us did! If you won't let her choose then I'm gonna take her." Zayn walked out of his bedroom and put a hand on both of our shoulders. Shutting us up.

"Boys, Hazza, Liam got there first. Maybe Charleigh isn't the one for you and NEITHER of you should shout because we've got practice soon so keep the fighting to a minimum."  Liam and I looked like little babies as we chorused 'sorry' and walked away but we could all tell that this wasn't over.


   Niall and Naava are getting so heated. It's awkward when their kissing because you can tell they want to go further. Louis come to see me yet so I guess it's up to me AGAIN to make the first move. I stood outside of his room, sorted out his hair, pulled my skirt up a small bit, dug the dirt out from under my nails and knocked on the door. It had a spray painted plank of wood and Louis was graffitied on. It looked cool but I knew I had left my magazine so I walked in, whether he said yes or not. I walked straight up to him and kissed him but he broke away

"Good afternoon to you too, I'm guessing you say Niall's tweet, it was sappy but it did the job. 'Love my princess and my beautiful girlfriend @NaavaS<3 No Hate!' How we gonna tell the world then?"

"I think you should be honest to your fans and tweet it out but not so sappy! Also can Naava and I come to your practice tomorrow?"

"Of course you can, love, and whatever they..." but I cut him off.

"Say you'll be there for me. I know, I know!"

"Grumpy-Poo!" He tickled my nose and we cuddled up and lied down. I wish I could stay like this forever...

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