Kiss You

One Girl
Five Boys
There is a beginning and then it just gets harder and harder to deal with. Youd think being on tour with the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, would be awesomely plain sailing, Think Again. More Girls and more challenges. Twitter Hate, Depression, Break-ups, Make-ups, this book has it all but I warn that it is not for the younger ages.

To give an idea of what age it is for: The writer is 13.


7. Back For You


Where am I? I remember shopping and then black. My eyes begin to agust and I see Emma and Naava lying, knocked out on the hard floor.  They were tied up, I begin to try to move and realize I'm tied up too.  I grab my phone out of my back pocket.  Thank god now I didn't put a lock on it! I pick whoever I last called to message.  I think it was Harry but I'm not sure. I have enough time to type 'been kidnapped. Help. GPS on.' and press send before stomping feet come down the stairs into the basement.

"I see you're comfortable, I'm Sophie. How are you feeling?" said the girl.  I was really confused, did she really care?

"I have a throbbing headache and I would really like to know where I am and why I'm here." She laughed.

"Welcome to my home, I'll get you some painkillers and some water in a minute but I will explain why you're here first..." she took a pause to pull up a chair hidden in the corner and sat down. "I'm the biggest One Direction fan in the world and you and your friends are hogging the boys.  I know you're going to ask why isn't Patsy here. There is only one reason and that I owe her a favor, so not 'borrowing' her is me paying her back. I will feed you well and will give you books and a TV if you're good but I do feel it is right to warn you bad behavior does have consequences. " she looked nice so I didn't shout at her.

"3 things.  Number 1, what's bad behavior? Number 2, could you untie us and lock the door instead? And number 3, when are Emma and Naava waking up?" At that point my phone rang.  Sophie laughed an evil caustic chuckle as she pushed me down onto my face taking my phone out of my pocket. She pressed answer but put it on speaker, not saying a word. Harry was on the other end freaking out...

"CHARLEIGH? Look, Paul helped us track you, we're on our way. Charleigh?! Don't let them hurt you!" Sophie pressed end call and using a vicious stomp, slammed her 6" heel through the screen.  

"That is bad behavior! No and not for hours! Now where is my whip..." the doorbell rang and there was rage at the door.  Sophie went to answer it, there was shouting and shoving until Harry barged down the door, I heard his shoulder click and him wince in pain. Soon behind him was Niall and Louis.  Zayn was upstairs stopping Sophie and Liam was in the van. Niall picked up Naava and Louis did the same to Emma they said to Harry they would be back to help. They ran out and Zayn couldn't hold Sophie any longer and she came downstairs. A trigger was pulled and something caused me a shooting pain in my leg.

"YOU DON'T LOVE HER! YOU LOVE ME! REMEMBER SCHOOL!  IT'S LITTLE OLD SOPHIE,  BACK FROM THE DEAD! screamed Sophie at the top of her lungs. Blood was pouring out from me and Harry screamed back.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY? I LOVE HER? BECAUSE I DO!" And everything was black once again.


I shoved Sophie down onto the floor and ran to Charleigh, her body was lifeless but I could feel her fragile heart beating. I heaved her up onto my shoulder and I ran out of the house back to the van.

"Hospital! Now!". Liam slammed his foot down on the accelerator. We arrived at A&E and started calling for help. 3 doctors and 3 beds came running out to us and each of the girls was put on one each. We all ran inside after them. Emma and Naava were put in a wing and Niall and Louis split off to be by them and we all tried to follow Charleigh but we weren't aloud to be in surgery. We went back to Naava and Emma but Liam and I were in pieces. Naava and Emma were woken up and Louis was hugging Emma and fussing over her. Niall and Naava were silent until Niall took the first step.

"I'm sorry. You're just so beautiful. I knew you designed things but not clothes and your songs are beautiful. Here." He handed her the notebook, sketchbook and the photo album. She took one small happy unexpected breath but then sighed. Her eyes looked into Niall's filled with sorriness.

"Niall, we rushed into things. I think I'm gonna go back home. Next stop on your tour is where my aunty lives. I can bunk with her for a bit and and then use some of what's left of my savings to get back home. Your an amazing guy and whomever you end up with will be a beautiful girl, I feel terrible to leave you like this but maybe we need some time apart..." She looked down into her lap disgusted with herself and Niall looked broken so I stepped in.

"So, have a break from Niall but stay with us, who else is going to feed us?" Niall smiled slightly and Naava laughed. She nodded and then looked through the photo album. She stopped on a page with a girl none of us recognized. She looked around and found her phone. She unlocked her phone and pressed call. I heard her invite her down. She hung up and started playing a game. There was talking all around us but all I could think about was Charleigh.


Charleigh had been in a coma for a few days now. I had seen her every day I could but as I walked in today Harry was sitting there I felt it was right to do the correct thing.

"Harry." He turned around, shocked, "I think this has made me think. You saved my girlfriends life and I don't think arguing is worth it anymore, she's alive and that's all that matters. We should let her choose who she wants."

"Do you mean it?" He asked really confused and he looked like a puppy and I was teasing him with a bone.

"Yeah, I really do." Charleigh grunted and sighed and her eyes flickered. She opened them, blinked in shock with the light and Harry ran off to get the doctor.

"Miss Baldwin? Miss Baldwin, can you hear me?" The doctor asked. She was free f the make-up and her hair was a mess but she looked more beautiful than ever.

"Yes, I''m here. I can see and hear. Where are Emma and Naava? Are they okay?" A flash of worry shot through her eyes.

"They are fine, babe. Nothing happened to them apart from they are tired. Lets worry about you. Baby, you got shot in the leg. You should recover well but for a while you wont be able to walk. We have got you a wheelchair but we will all be around to help you."

"Mr Payne is right, Miss Baldwin. If you are feeling perfectly well and your stats are normal then you can go home with your friends, Miss Rayner and Miss Shepard, later today. Just rest." The doctor walked off leaving us all there. Harry walked off, he was obviously worried about something. Charleigh looked upset he was leaving but smiled at me weakly. She was incredibly tired.


We were just signed out of the hospital and we went to go collect Charleigh and I saw here in a wheelchair! No one told me. I felt like it was my fault. If I hadn't stormed out of the tour bus and gone shopping. If I hadn't taken her with me... I ran out of the hospital and go back to the tour bus before everyone else. I ran into my room as the others got here. Harry and Emma called up the stairs to me but I didn't listen. I ran into my en suite and sat down. I got out my phone. No messages and no calls. I check my tweets and I see my worst nightmare.

@NaavaS<3 I hope the kidnapper kills you.

@NaavaS<3 Thanks God Your Gone!

@NaavaS<3 If they don't kill you, you should!

I picked up the razor next to me and pushed it into my wrist. I screamed but no one came running. I sat there holding my wrist until someone was talking at the door.

"Naava, It's Harry. Can I come in?" I unlocked the door, he came in and squeezed next to me. I try to hide my wrist but he sees.

"Naava! What have you done?!" He ran it under the water and used a towel to pat it down dry. He didn't seem angry at me, more upset. He looked at me but I turned away.

"I'm rubbish, everyone on twitter says so. I spent my life's saving so I can't go to fashion college on stuff I don't want. I'm an ugly suicidal freak and I hurt Niall. It's my fault Charleigh is in that wheelchair. Everything is my fault." I crouched away from him, disgusted. He was silent and got up.

"Back in a moment. Don't move an inch." He got up and walked out of the bathroom. I waited 5 minutes and gave up. I got up out of the bathroom and sat on my bed. I didn't move. Staring at my wrist. I moved to my chest of drawers and picked up the first thing a sewed, a cardigan. It was too long in the arms when I made it and it fitted now. I put it on and cuddled up on my bed. I grabbed Ted-Ted, my cuddly bear, and went to sleep.

Harry woke me up but tapping me on my shoulder. He gave me a book. It had a lock and came with a pen. He told me to

write down my feelings. And that no matter what happens he is here to talk and so is Emma. So is everyone. He let me

get me writing and that is when I wrote all my story so far. Right up until now.

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