Help Me

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna all have secrets but a BIGGER secret is just about to fall on Spencer. Can she keep it? Will it be spilled to the rest of the girls? What will Spencer do?
Will "A" find out and tell everyone?
Who will Spencer turn to for help?


3. When Spencer's away Alison will play

~Alison's POV~

I finish blow drying my hair and do my make up with what ever Spencer has. I meet her back out she has her bag she's double checking her hair
"Ahh school. What should I do?" I asked
"Stay here. My parents and my sister aren't here but just be careful cause if they see you they will freak out."
"Ok. Have fun" I said as she walked out
"Bye Ali" she said I laid back on her bed bored already. I went into the bathroom and re did my make up for something fun to do when I heard the door open I froze.
"Spencer?" A voice called it wasn't her mom or dad, or Melissa it was a boy.
I quietly moved from the mirror, I hid in Spencer's closet when I heard them come into her room
"Who's here?" The voice said I stayed still when all the sudden the closet doors flew open and I saw the broad figure of Toby Cavanaugh. I screamed and covered my mouth
"Alison?" He asked shock going through him as he looked me over
"Toby?" I said I didn't wanna move was he still mad about "The Jenna Thing"?
"Your alive?" He asked his smooth always-so-bored voice ringing in my ears his hair was different it was gelled up (my favorite Toby hair. I forget what season it's from...).
I didn't know what to say to him
"Well do I look dead?" I said he looked down at me his ice blue eyes burning into me.
"Everyone wen got your funeral, every one thinks your dead C'mon we have to tell everybody!" He says taking my hand half dragging me
"No!" I said seating his hand away.
"And why are you here? Why are you at Spencer's house?" I asked
"Why are so angry?" He asked
"Who said I'm angry?" I snapped then I realized I WAS angry. Why though? It's just Toby Cavanaugh. Step-brother of Jenna Cavanaugh. Which had a dark history with me.
"You look angry. And me and Spencer are kinda seeing each other" he says
"What happened to you and Jenna?" I asked crossing my arms across my chest
"You know it wasn't like that" he says
"Yeah ok. And why are you here don't you attend the school?" I asked
"I do, I'm just picking up Spencer." He said
"Well she left." I said looking up at him
"She did when?"
"About 15 minutes ago" I said he turned to leave
"Toby" I said he didn't turn he kept walking.
"Toby!" I called I walked out and caught him on the stair case
"I'm sorry about the Jenna thing" I said he nodded
"Prove it to me" he said standing at the bottom of the stair case
"How?" I asked him walking down the stair case slowly
"How about a game of air hockey" he said
"I can't go anywhere" I told him as I reached him
"Then you remain un forgiven" he said our faces close
"Toby I ask you one thing. Please don't tell anyone I'm alive." I said
"Your secrets safe with me" he said
"Better lock it in your pocket" I said leaning in close to him. I ran my index finger along his lips and acted like I was holding something I put my hands in his pocket and brought it back out.
"Don't take that out now" I said
"I'm taking this one to the grave" he said we looked into each others eyes. He tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear our faces came closer and closer when we heard a key being turned in the lock
"Up stairs now" Toby whisper yelled we ran up the stairs me leading we ran into Spencer's room and squeezed into her closet our stomach pressed together.
"Spencer must have left for school" I hear her mothers voice Melissa's voice in an agreeing tone follows behind. I look up at Toby who doesn't look down at me. I look down and pull all of my hair over my right shoulder.
"I think their gone" I whispered Toby put his finger in my lips and kept it there.
We heard the door open and close but waited a moment there was no sign of light so we got out of the closet
"I guess your going to go run off to Spencer now." I said frowning I didn't want the girls to know but I had been sneaking around with Toby the one summer I went "missing" but I guess he has moved on
"Wow, Alison DiLaurentis is jealous" he says with a teasing smirk
"I am not jealous" I said slightly smiling myself
"What ever you say Alison. See you later." He said I nodded he left I stood there until I heard the door open and close and then I went and sat on Spencer's bed. I took put her tablet and started playing games.
Commence day 1 of boredom
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