Help Me

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna all have secrets but a BIGGER secret is just about to fall on Spencer. Can she keep it? Will it be spilled to the rest of the girls? What will Spencer do?
Will "A" find out and tell everyone?
Who will Spencer turn to for help?


6. What's this all about?

~Alison's POV~

I hear Spencer come back up the steps she opens the door and closes it I get up and cross my arms the box in my hand.
"What's wrong?" She asks setting a plate if food on her desk
"What the hell is this?" I ask handing the box over to her
She looks inside it
"Alison. Who dropped this off?" Spencer asks
"Toby." I said
"Toby dropped this off?" She asked
"Yes." I said
"Why do you look so angry?" She asked
"I don't know why the hell would Toby Cavanaugh give you a box of condoms?" I asked stepping towards her
"I'm kind of with him..." She said
"Thanks captain obvious. Don't you think it's time to board the S.S No shut Sherlock?" I asked
"Listen, I think he's the one. He was my first" she says
"How romantic... Is this before or after you found out he wasn't the one who killed me?" I asked
"We'll your not really dead" she says
I swatted the box from her hands causing the box's contents to spill.
"Alison!" She gasps I roll my eyes
"By the way he says he loves you." I said
"What I good friend you are huh? You slept with someone that could have been my killer" I said walking to stand behind her
"Alison I knew he didn't kill you." She says I felt I tang of guilt.
"Oh.. I'm sorry I knocked the box out if your hands" I said.
"It's ok. You might wanna eat your food before it gets cold" she said I walked over and started to eat.

-next day-

Today was a Saturday, Spencer was out with the girls, her parents and bitch of a sister weren't here. I was alone again.
"Spencer?" I smiled I looked over the magazine it was Toby
"Alison" he said I swung my legs off of Spencer's bed my black flowing mid thigh length skirt falling to its place my teal platform wedges matching my teal blouse I had tucked in.
"Nice to see you Toby" I said walking up to him.
"I'm guessing you opened up the package" he said
"You bet" I said I tugged him into the bathroom shutting the door. I opened up the drawer where the condom box was sitting
"Seriously? Condoms?" I said still gripping his V-neck
"Spencer means a lot to me Alison and-" I put my index finger in his lips
"Shhh. You don't have to explain yourself" I said swinging him into punter I put my hands flat on his chest
"I just remember when you used to be like that with me." I said
"Alison..." He starts I sigh I back away I kick off my wedges and put them in the counter I started to unbutton my shirt
"I'm taking a shower." I said Toby just stood there confused and looking to be in a battle with himself. I un zipped my skirt it fell to my ankles I kicked it away I walked to the tub/shower and turned on the shower I looked behind me at Toby who was looking at me. I tilted my head at him he came over and put is hands on my jawline pulling me in for a kiss. Our lips came in contact his hands dropped o my back pulling me against him I wrapped my arms around his neck I took off his v-neck top tossing it he slid the blouse off of me when we heard the door open we started to panic I pushed him into the shower as I followed him in I covered his mouth
"Ali?" Spencer says
"I'm showering" I said I looked into Toby's eyes
"Oh. I stopped by Toby's he isn't there. Did he stop by?" She asked from our side of the door
"No." I said
"I'm going to get some take our want anything? My parents took Melissa to New York again." She says
"Just get what we used to get Spence" I said
"Ok" she says
"See you soon" I said the door open and closed I took my hand off of Toby's mouth
"This is wrong" he says
"No, you wanted me first" I said he shook his head
"I can't do this Alison" he says stepping put of the shower
I stepped out of the shower following him the warm water dripping down my skin
"What do you mean you can't do it" I said
"I can't be with you" he said I grabbed a towel and started to dry myself I towel dried my hair till it was damp Toby did the same
"You thought I was dead. Is that why you moved on?" I asked
"Alison stop" he says
"You thought I was dead. That IS why you moved on." I said he turned towards me
"You still love me Toby" I said he shook his head
"I can't hurt Spencer"
"Your hurting me right now" I said he looked at me as I felt a tear roll down my cheek an actually tear. Who would have thought I would be crying over Toby.
He waited a second and made the decision. He came towards me and picked me up and sat me on the counter kissing me his warm hands on my waist mine in his damp hair.
We kissed for minutes when he pulled away
"I have to go" he said grabbing his shirt and walking out with out looking at me. I felt out of breath what just happened?
I re dressed in a pair of jeans and a tank top with a vest that covered my breast region I slid on those combat boots they weren't that bad. I brushed through my hair and Spencer came home. Calling me down the steps I walked down she greeted me with a warm smile I returned it. I felt guilt. Toby wasn't mine anymore and I shouldn't have done what I did. I walked up and hugged Spencer she hugged me back unsure what to do.
"Lets eat!" I said smiling.
Our dinner was full of smiles and laughs

~Hanna's POV~

I sat on my bed when my phone went off my heart started to beat fast I opened up the message.

"Hmm looks like Spencer has been keeping a secret from you... -A" I looked at the attachment I tapped it and it came up. It was Spencer and some girl probably her cousin having dinner when whoever was filming focused more I realized who it was and almost dropped my phone.
"Alison?" I whispered
Spencer was keeping this from me. I quickly got up off my bed and grabbed my keys.
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