Help Me

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna all have secrets but a BIGGER secret is just about to fall on Spencer. Can she keep it? Will it be spilled to the rest of the girls? What will Spencer do?
Will "A" find out and tell everyone?
Who will Spencer turn to for help?


1. Things That Go Bump In The Night

~Spencer's POV~

My eyes shot open at the sound of a door creaking open and closing and foot steps. I slowly swing my feet off my bed and stand I open my door and wait a minute. No foot steps, then they start to happen again I quickly leave my room and quietly walk down the stairs I see the back door wide open. I tip toe over and close it I click the lock across I turn around and jump.
"Hey Spence" she says I look at her in dis belief.
"Alison?" I breathe out in a whisper

Authors Note:

Sorry it's a first chapter and it's really short but I he you liked it and want more! :) bye
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