Help Me

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna all have secrets but a BIGGER secret is just about to fall on Spencer. Can she keep it? Will it be spilled to the rest of the girls? What will Spencer do?
Will "A" find out and tell everyone?
Who will Spencer turn to for help?


4. That was close

~Spencer's POV~

"Ok were here" Emily says turning off her Toyota
"Wait were at my house." I said
"Yeah don't you remember we all agreed to come here to study. Possibly find out who A is" Hanna says
"Oh..right lets go inside then" I said I get this nervous feeling if Alison gets discovered she will be pissed at me.
We all walked int they went to go up the stairs
"No! Lets just study down in the kitchen." I said they all nodded but looked confused
"I'll be right back ok?" I said they nodded I ran up to my room shutting the door
"What the hell Spence?" Alison hisses I see her sitting in the edge of my bed
"Emily drove us here I'm sorry" I said
"Well I guess it's not your fault, just make sure they don't get up here." Ali says I nod
"Are you mad at me?" I asked
"Not really just go." I said waving her off.
"Ok I'll keep it short then I'll bring you something to eat ok?" I said
"Ok" she said
"I have nail polish if you wanna do your nails" I said she nodded
"I guess I'll do that." She said


I went down and started our study session.

-15 minutes later-

"Is that nail polish?" Hanna asks sniffing the air
"Woah I smell it too" Emily says
"Maybe A dud something lets go!" Aria says and before I could object they made a run for it. I caught up to them and stood infront of my door
"It's nothing guys!" I said
"Move Spence this could be bad" Hanna says pushing her way through and opening the door
"Guys I was going to tell you but-" I stopped once I realized Alison was no where to be found.
"Tell us about what? Your rooms a mess?" Emily says giggling I look at my closet. Nice speed Ali I silently compliment Alison.
"Lets go back down." I said they all walked out before me Ali poked her head out of the closet I gave her a thumbs up.
"That was close" she whispers to me.
"Yep. Stay hidden" I whispered following the girls down stairs.
That was close.
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