Help Me

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna all have secrets but a BIGGER secret is just about to fall on Spencer. Can she keep it? Will it be spilled to the rest of the girls? What will Spencer do?
Will "A" find out and tell everyone?
Who will Spencer turn to for help?


9. Intimate

~Alison's POV~

"Do you really have to go?" I asked Spencer looking up from my newly painted toe nails. Spencer was going to have a sleepover at Emily's house leaving me here ALONE.
"Yeah I'm sorry Ali but if I start canceling on them they'll just get more and more suspicious.
"Yeah and after your creepy dream I don't like this A person" I said Spencer had a dream the other night A told Hanna I was alive and with Her. (Chapter 7 & some of 6).
"Right. Stay here I'll lock the door after I leave" she said grabbing her bag
"Yep. See you tomorrow night?" I said
"Yep." She said walking out of the room. I went on Spencer's lap top and went on some clothing websites.
I heard footsteps I got scared I hid by the doorway against the wall. I looked around the corner and ran into Toby I screamed and covered my mouth
"Jeez Toby you scared me!" I said he chuckled
"Sorry" he said I shook my head as we leaned in. Our lips met in a loving kiss.
Toby and I got under the blanket of Spencer's bed and stripped ourselves of all th clothing we had on. I clutched the sheets in my hands, the pleasure of being with Toby in an intimate way made me feel happy. Toby slid on his pants I took his shirt and out it over my head fptaking my hands and tossing my golden ringlets behind my shoulders we went down stairs and got something to eat. I walked back up the stairs with Toby following a big storm rolled in, Toby couldn't go home in this weather.
We stood in her room kissing tilting our head every assorted second. We laid down in Spencer's bed once more I cuddled up to his chest and fell asleep.
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