Help Me

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna all have secrets but a BIGGER secret is just about to fall on Spencer. Can she keep it? Will it be spilled to the rest of the girls? What will Spencer do?
Will "A" find out and tell everyone?
Who will Spencer turn to for help?


5. Amber

~Spencer's POV~

"Alison?" I whispered when I got to my room
"Spence I love you but this stuff just isn't me." Alison's voice rings in my ears I turn and see her in one of my skirts and a blouse tucked in
"What? You look cute" I said
"Not in that way though" I said remembering what Emily had told me.
"Yeah I know. I'm going shopping" she says
"Alison. If you go out people will recognize you" I said she gave me that "don't worry I got it" look I always looked for when we were in trouble.
"I got a disguise worked out follow me" she said leading me over to my bed where she had a cardigan picked out that had a hood that would cover her hair. And combat boots something EVERYONE knew Alison would never wear and she had a big pair of sunglasses she put on her disguise and pulled me out of the house.


~Alison's POV~

Me and Spencer walked down the side walks of the two sided shopping strip our arms linked like old times. This disguise was working as long as I didn't talk to anyone or talk in general.
"Spencer?" My heart sank we turned around to see the other 3 girls
"Who's this?" Hanna asked
"This is my cousin... Amber." Spencer says I nod they shake my hand I still have that tight nervous feeling
"What are you guys doing?" Aria asks
"Just some shopping..." Spencer says they look at me I nod folding my lips into each other trying to hide the jungle red lip stick I put on this morning I had forgotten to take it off. I dropped one of my bags on purpose having an excuse to bend down but I didn't expect Hanna to bend down and help but she did my glasses came off I kept my head down I silently cursed
"Here" Hanna says handing them to me I take them nodding to her sliding them on my face
"They're really nice" she compliments I smile slightly I point to her purse and give her a thumbs up
"Can she not talk or something?" Aria whispers to Spencer who nods. I link my arm with spencer again elbowing her slightly saying "lets move on now" she understands
"Well me and Amber are going to hit a few more shops before we have to go home" Spencer says I nod a streak of my hair starts to come loose from the pony tail I unlink my arm and walk away quickly from her. I go into the closest store and go into the bathroom I look under the stalls for feet there's none I take off me glasses and hood and fix the low pony tail that trails down my back like a rat tail.
"Ali?" Spencer says walking in I look at her
"That was a close one" she tells me I nod, I put the hood back on and slide the glasses on my face.
"Now lets continue" I said


Spencer has out all my clothes in a special place.
"I'm going to get dinner I'll bring something up after ok?" Spencer says I nod.
When Spencer leaves shutting the door a tapping noise sounds on the window I slowly walk over and peak out to see Toby. I open the window and poke my head out
"Hello Toby" I said
"Alison" he said
"Spencer isn't here. Can I take a message?" I teased
"Give her this will you?" He says holding up a box
"What am I supposed to do reach down there and take it?" I asked
"I'll throw it up." He said
"And I'll catch it" I said he tossed it up and I made a successful catch
"Is there anything you want me to say to her?" I asked
"No just tell her I love her" he says he turns to walk away
"Goodnight" I said
"Goodnight Alison" he says I shut the window and shake the box. My curiosity takes over I open the flap and push the top open.
What the hell?
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