Just for you! One Direction Imagine

If you want me to do you an imagine about you and one of the boys out of 1D give me your name and either 'Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis or Zayn' name who you would like me to write an imagine about and I will try and write one as soon as possible xxx


45. Liam imagine for Sif ♥

you began to laugh as you began to have a pen war with your boyfriend Liam Payne out of the famous band One direction. You still couldn't believe e had chosen you out of the thousands of other fans but he loved you and saw you on almost every day off he had. This time you had gone with him to a book signing and when you were leaving you though it was a good idea to start a pen war.


"Sif!" he shouted as you drew all the way down his arm with a black permanent marker.


You quickly hopped into the car and shouted "Help me Harry!" as you giggled sitting on Harry's knee "Protect me from him"


"Wow" Harry uttered as you held onto him tightly.


Just then you felt a cold line go up your arm and you began to laugh and pull away as Liam had drawn up your arm to. It was a small car to fit six people in, it meant that you had to crawl over Zayn to get away from Liam.


Just then you felt two hands grab you and pull you back "You can't get away from me that easily" Liam laughed as he quickly scribbled a love heart on your right arm.


"I love you" you smiled up at him before he placed a light kiss on your forehead.



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