Just for you! One Direction Imagine

If you want me to do you an imagine about you and one of the boys out of 1D give me your name and either 'Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis or Zayn' name who you would like me to write an imagine about and I will try and write one as soon as possible xxx


44. Harry imagine for Sif ♥

"Sif" Your friend whispered sounding ergant as she shook your arm.


"What?" you asked sounding surprised.


"Its that..." she came in closer and whispered the name "Harry Sty.."


She didn't have to finish her sentence before you butted in "Where!?" you asked her assertively as she sipped her hot chocolate.


Finishing her mouthful smiled before mumbling "Behind you, He is wearing a black beanie with a grey, baggy long sleeved top." 


You began to look over your shoulder and as you did he glanced your way and smiled. He was in the queue waiting to be served. You thought to yourself he looked so fit in that top. "I can't believe it is Harry Styles!!!!" you whispered trying to stop your fangirl overload. Your heart began to beat to fast and you thought the room had gone up in temperature in the past few seconds you were looking at him for.


"He is looking at you" Your friend mumbled as she bowed her head closer to yours.


"Seriously?" you said to her as your heart began to beat quicker. "What should we do!? I want a picture with him"


"And an autograph" your friend butted in over you.


Just then you jumped as someone tapped you on the shoulder "Excuse me" the deep recognisable voice mumbled to you. You looked up to see HARRY STYLES! You felt your cheeks flush red as he smiled at you "There isn't any more spare tables" he looked around then asked shyly "Is it all right if I sit with you two?"


"Yes" your friend uttered as she moved the bags off of the spare chair.


"So" he said as he sat down with his mug of tea "what's your two names? My name is Harry Styles"


"We know" you spoke shyly "My name is Sif, and this is my friend Megan"


He smiled at you as you lifted your cup up to your mouth and took a sip of tea."Sif" he looked down at his hands before mumbling "you are pretty" This made you blush because no one had ever called you pretty before.... and coming from Harry Styles this was something big!


"Thanks" you uttered over to him.


"well..." your friend sighed as she stood up "I have to go and find something that I lost, erm... a couple of minutes ago outside... See ya" she grabbed her bag and walked out before winking out you.


Just then Harry asked "Do you want a picture?" he began to fiddle around in his pocket trying to get his phone out "I will take it on mine and message you it... What's you number?" he asked awkwardly.


After you gave him your number he shuffled the chair closer to yours and switched the camera around on his phone so you could see you both in it. He lent closer to you and put his arm around your shoulders and you smiled as he took the picture. This was like a dream come true! But as you thought it was over he asked "Can we just have one more picture?" just then he came even closer to you and as he did so he placed a kiss you your cheek and took a picture "There we are" he smiled before locking his phone.


You couldn't say anything... you were in shock... HARRY STYLES had voluntarily kissed you on the cheek! OMG!!!!


"Do you know what Sif. I like you" he smiled before taking his beanie off and rearranging his mop of curls. "I will text you tonight and we should arrange something so we can meet up and get to know each other. I would like that"


"Yeah it sounds fine with me" you said.


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