Just for you! One Direction Imagine

If you want me to do you an imagine about you and one of the boys out of 1D give me your name and either 'Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis or Zayn' name who you would like me to write an imagine about and I will try and write one as soon as possible xxx


30. Harry imagine for Nikki ♥

You were distraught! How could he do this to you!? Through all the things you two had been through... Just then you put down the newspaper and put your covers over it as Harry opened the bedroom door. He came in grinning saying "Heya Nikki, I thought you would be in bed by now. I'm going to get ready now."


You scowled at him as he began to walk towards you "Harry" you said sternly to him as he tried to kiss you. You usually let him but this time you knew something else about him.


"What baby?" he said as he sat next to you and put his arm around you, you pushed him off standing over him.


A tear fell down your face as you shouted "HOW COULD YOU KEEP A SECRET FROM ME!?"


Harry's eyebrows creased as you said this. He looked up at you "What!?" he sounded curious.


HE ACTED LIKE HE DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This made you angry "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO GRIN AND BARE IT WHEN YOU ARE TELLING ME A LIE!?" you pushed him away again as he tried to grab your arm.


He clenched his jaw as he took a deep breath "What have I done?" he asked sounding upset.


"YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!" You took a deep breath "WHATS HER NAME!?" you abruptly asked him.


"Who's name!?" he asked sounding amused.


"DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH AT THIS INSIDENT!" You pulled the bed cover back revealing the newspaper "THIS!" You pointed at the front cover.


His face dropped as he read the article. He looked up "You believe this?" he asked sounding concerned.


"WELL YOU TELL ME" you put your hands on your hips as tears blurred your vision "YOUR THE ONE WHO WAS KISSING HER!" that was it.. You bolted to the bathroom and locked the door.


Harry began to bang on the door as you sat with your back to the door "NIKKI!" He shouted "OPEN THE DOOR" he demanded "It isn't real... Phone Louis... anyone.. just please believe me! They photo shopped them! All of them!" he paused... you began to hear Harry sobbing from the other side of the door "Please" he begged. "I can't loose you" he uttered.


You began to phone Louis...


"Hi Nikki, what's up?" he asked sounding cheerful.


You sobbed down the phone "Louis"


"Wow... what's up" He spluttered.


"It's Harry.. Is he cheating on me?" you asked on your final will.


You herd Harry cry deeper from the other side of the door.


"No! He adores you! Those are all rumours! Don't worry." Louis stuttered to you sounding worried.


You felt a sigh of relief as Louis said this you began to cry even harder down the phone "I love him too" you sobbed as you put the phone down and swung the door open and flopped into Harry's arms.


"I love you" You cried as Harry cradled you close to his chest.


"I love you too Nikki" He uttered.

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