Just for you! One Direction Imagine

If you want me to do you an imagine about you and one of the boys out of 1D give me your name and either 'Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis or Zayn' name who you would like me to write an imagine about and I will try and write one as soon as possible xxx


26. Harry imagine for Erin

"Erin" Harry muttered nervously staring down at his huge hands.


You looked up at him and felt a shiver go up your spine as you saw Harry looked upset "What is it Hun?"


"Your to good for me. I don't deserve you. I'm a mean and selfish person who only cares about myself." you saw a tear roll down his cheek and drip of and land on his expanded palm.


You were in shock! You thought Harry was the kindest most caring person you have ever met! "Harold Edward Styles!" He looked up and wiped a tear away from his eye as you carried on in a harsh tone "You are so kind to me! I love you Harry! Your the most kindest person and I wouldn't want anyone else except from you! Do you get me!" You held his hand as you waited for an answer "Do you understand?" He nodded at you and this made you smile.


You sat on his knee on the sofa and cuddled up in his huge arm space and you refused to let him go until he had realised he was just right for you.


"I love you Erin" he spoke softly.

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