Just for you! One Direction Imagine

If you want me to do you an imagine about you and one of the boys out of 1D give me your name and either 'Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis or Zayn' name who you would like me to write an imagine about and I will try and write one as soon as possible xxx


31. Harry imagine for Emily ♥

"Harry!" you uttered as you ran out of breath from Harry tickling you "Stop it!" You couldn't stop laughing.


"Nope! Never Emily" he laughed as he tickled you.


"I'll do anything" You begged.


Just then Harry stopped tickling you "anything?" He questioned you.


You nodded.


HE smiled at you as he came closer to you "Emily" he whispered "Kiss me" HE uttered.


Your heart began to beat faster as he came even closer and your lips connected.

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