Just for you! One Direction Imagine

If you want me to do you an imagine about you and one of the boys out of 1D give me your name and either 'Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis or Zayn' name who you would like me to write an imagine about and I will try and write one as soon as possible xxx


28. Harry imagine for Elin ♥

"But.... But......" Harry wined trying to get his way. You began to laugh as he tried to lunged for the chocolates you were holding and you ended up falling on the sofa with Harry sprawled out over the sofa with his head on your knee as he looked up into your beautiful blue eyes "please baby! You can't not give me any! This is torture!" He huffed as he walked up and got your phone from the coffee table and began to type in a number and put the phone up to his ear.


You began to wonder who the hell he was ringing.... "Who are you ringing Haz?" You asked impatiently.


"shhh" he put his hand over your mouth trying to shut you up "I'm phoning the Cruelty To Harry sanctuary and reporting you for abuse!" 


This made you laugh even harder as Louis picked up saying "yello?" (This was on speaker phone)


"Heya Lou, It's me" He said sounding amused.


!Who is me?" he asked sounding just as amused as Harry. He butted in quickly as Harry was just about to speak "Don't bother master Styles. I know its you!" HE began to chuckle to himself as Harry looked disappointed.


"How did you guess?" He sighed and looked at you and then opened his mouth ready for a chocolate to be placed in his mouth. He was wrong though! You held the chocolates close to your chest and burst into laughter.


"Your low voice... Duhhh! I thought you were the smart one here Haz" Louis said sounding shocked. "sooooooooooo.... what's the problem mate?" he asked sounding nosy.


"Elin wont give me any chocolates." He wined to Louis.


You popped another chocolate in your mouth as you watched Harry talk to Louis "bless ya!" he said sounding sympathetic "well... I have to go on a date with my babe so I'll catch up soon. Whatever you do don't get Elin pregnant!" This last sentence made Harry laugh... A lot!


"Don't worry Lou, got it all planned out! hahahaha" this was so much boyish banter between the femail audience. You rolled your eyes and snatched the phone off Harry and ended the call. "HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" I wined but he soon shut up as you gave him a chocolate. "I love you Elin"  

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