But, i LOVE you

A little girl from newcastle- england called ( emily) her life is full of problems . Can she solve them and live happy? or no . the firs few chapters will talk about her life with her family and friends


1. kicked out

"Two years ago"

"Go out, from now on i don't want to see your face!" my father said, "b-b-but this is my house" i said crying, what! This is my house and me and my wife don't want you, so go out now", he said. I was crying out in the street and don't know where to go, so i called my bff lea
Me: lea my father kicked me out of the house. And i have no where to go
Lea: emi. Sweetheart what are you waiting for come to my apartment, fast
Me: thank you very much, lea you are the best

Emi don't care about him you and i will live together, there is nothing better than that, lea said. But, lea i can't. Shh don't say a word, com on lets watch some tv.

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