But, i LOVE you

A little girl from newcastle- england called ( emily) her life is full of problems . Can she solve them and live happy? or no . the firs few chapters will talk about her life with her family and friends


2. i she ok?

So the school began and i was very happy because now i can go and come back with my bff, but in the same time i have to balance the school time with the work time, after i start to work in a shop, it was an amazing days me and lea were hanging out together, studying together. So we finished the year all like that. And the summer was unique to us, we had so much fun lea was like my everthing my family my sister my friend. We celebrate our birthdays together. That's how our summer was. The summer ends and the boring school began.
"One day"
Come on emi leave it and lets go we will have alot of fun, lea said. No lea our homework is very important i can't leave it, i said to lea. "But emi the club is amazing and lots of our friends are coming". I hate night clubs if you want you can go if i finished my homework i'll try to do yours. "really! Oh emi you are amazing friend i love you, mwahh , ok then bye". Lea said. "ok see you don't be late" i said. " i won't". And she left, some hours later i finished mine and lea's homework, but it was late and lea didn' t answer her phone i start to worry about her, so i took the key of her car and went to that club. But when i got their i found lot's of people standing at end of the street, i got out of the car and went there. Excuse me, what's going on ?!, i asked some guy. Ohh there is a car accident, the boy said. "ohh,really!, ok thanks". so i made my way near the accident location. i was so shocked when i saw lea lying on the ground and the blood is everywhere, and the The paramedics were trying to put her inside the car. So i screamed " lea, lea, oh no god " i start to cry .
And i went with her inside the car. Excuse me can i know who are you?", the Ambulance man said." me, me, im her friend". Ohh well, her state is not very good. When he told me that i start to cry harder " no , no god"and i start to pray . We reached the hospital, and they immediately took her to th e emergency room, lter the doctor came to me and said, are you lea's friend. Me, yes im how is she. the doctor said, to be honest not very good, i have to go now i'll let you know if anything new happened. "ok doctor thank you".
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