But, i LOVE you

A little girl from newcastle- england called ( emily) her life is full of problems . Can she solve them and live happy? or no . the firs few chapters will talk about her life with her family and friends


3. i can't believe it

"an hour later"
you are so stupid it was all your fault, lea's mother said slapping me on the face. so i start to cry again, i told her not to go but she really wanted to go, i said to lea's mother. then she didn't answer me she just came and sat next to me crying. im really sorry mrs.jones, i said. so she just looked at me and didn't answer me.
a while later
the doctor came and said i want you to come. so we went with him to the room and we saw lea's head covered so her mom start yelling, "No.. NO" and fall to the ground crying. i tried to be strong and just went to her mother and lift her from the ground, in this momment her lea's father came and said, what is going on?. when mrs.jones saw him she immediately ran towards him and hugged him and start to cry even harder, then i answered him saying, im sorry mrs.jones lea's had an accident and a minute before now sh..she passed away, sorry. what No..no that's can't be true, lea's father said. so in the next day the condolence ceremony started.
"at night"
when the ceremony ends i came back to our apartment and i decided not to stay here anymore so in the next day i went to the university and i asked them to transfer my papers to london university. so they accepted but they told me it will take a few days so i came back to the apartment and packed my things during these days so 3 days later i took my bags and went to lea's parent house and gave them the keys and went ahead to london by the metro. but i was missing me and lea's days
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