They Don't Know About Us

Sienna enters a contest (with the help of her best friend) to spend one whole week with One Direction and unexpectedly wins. Having no other choice, she accepts. But later on, she gets all five guys to fall in love with her in one week. Who will she choose? Harry, the Flirt? Liam, the Smart one? Niall, the Funny one? Zayn, the Vain one? Or Louis, the Leader? When the week is over, Sienna's chance of being with one of guys is gone. Will she get another chance during her Senior Year?


1. The Contest

A contest was held once a month for one lucky girl to spend one week with One Direction. I detested those contests. I was one of none that signed up.

Every girl in our school, from Freshman to Senior, had signed up to get their named pulled for the contest. I scoffed at the Freshmen. They would never get a chance with the boys who are much older than them. I imagined the boys being "older brothers" to those Freshmen. I laughed at the thought.

I, on the other hand, am a Junior. I've been at the school long enough to know my way around the area so I pretty much know everything that's beeng going on lately.   The cheerleaders were in charge of this contest, well all Senior cheerleaders. I, for once, decided not to be a cheerleader this year. For the past two years I've been dealing with all the drama that's been going on and I'm tired of it. Next year I'll try out. Yeah, if I am able to persuade myself into trying out. Eventually I will. I thought to myself knowing that's not going to happen.

 "Hey Sienna." My best friend, Savannah came up to me with a smile. Savannah and I have been best friends since birth. Our dads both worked at the same company and our moms were close friends, like Savannah and I. Savannah loved One Direction as much as I did, but it was she who was more into them than I was. I secretly was. I just never really showed off my love for a band that I wouldn't have a chance with. "Hey Savannah." I said bluntly. We were sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for the bell to ring. I was picking at my salad which I had bought from the cafeteria.  

Savannah told me that she signed up for the contest, then went on her daily rant about how hot Harry was. I attempted to listen to her, just bits and pieces. "Did you know that he has four nipples?" she asked me. Yes, I did know. She mentioned that like fifty times yesterday and the day before that. She also added the fact that she was in love with his hair and his green eyes.   I wasn't in love with Harry like most girls were. I was in love with Louis. Louis William Tomlinson. I loved how he was funny. He was always random and could make anyone laugh. That's what I wanted in a guy. Someone who could make me laugh and smile. "I also signed you up for the contest." I had to come back to reality on that last line. My eyes grew wide as I simply stared at her. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "No, no, no, no, no. No you didn't." I said, trying to process what I had heard.  

"Yes, I did." she said. "You are going to thank me later." She winked as she stood up and walked away. Savannah was a cheerleader too. She had beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes. You know, the typical cheerleader but she wasn't stuck up. She was down to earth, funny, and everyone loved her. They all talked about how she was going to be head captain next year.   I stuck with school, so I was the nerd. Well, I was just smart. I never liked labeling myself as a "nerd." Not that I'm against nerds. The bell rang as I followed Savannah to our next class. The line to the cheerleading table was still full of girls. That night as I lay in bed, I thought about what would happen if I did win that contest. I would have an excuse to be close to One Direction. I would know them and be friends with them. I would be close to Louis. My heart pounded at the thought of him. The next thing I know, I was too excited to even sleep just thinking about him.   The next day at school was the drawing. One girl's name was drawn from a bucket. There was a crowd of girls in the main hallway, anticipating for their name to be drawn. I was on the outskirts with Savannah. She had her fingers crossed and eyes closed, which signified that she would win. She won every contest she got in, if I remember correctly.  

"Sienna Sanders."  

Suddenly all eyes were on me and I looked around at all the girls. Their eyes were glaring at me. I could see that they were filled with envy. My heart pounded against my chest and I found myself standing there, not knowing what else to do. Did I hear that right? Was it my name that was called? The girls backed away, making room for me to walk to the table. With each heavy step, I walked to the front of the table. "Congratulations on winning. You will meet them today after school and your week starts next Monday." The head cheerleader, Caitlyn smiled at me. "Give this to them when you see them. They'll write a report on how you do. Just give it back to us by the end of the week, or when you come back to school."   I took the paper and went upstairs to my classroom once the bell rang.

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