They Don't Know About Us

Sienna enters a contest (with the help of her best friend) to spend one whole week with One Direction and unexpectedly wins. Having no other choice, she accepts. But later on, she gets all five guys to fall in love with her in one week. Who will she choose? Harry, the Flirt? Liam, the Smart one? Niall, the Funny one? Zayn, the Vain one? Or Louis, the Leader? When the week is over, Sienna's chance of being with one of guys is gone. Will she get another chance during her Senior Year?


16. Prom: Sienna's decision

The next morning, I woke up and got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom, without knocking, and once again, I found Harry naked. "Are you making this a part of your daily routine now?" Harry asked with a smirk. "Well, this doesn't really bother me anymore." I said, picking up a tooth brush and brushed my teeth.

"I asked because you keep walking into the bathroom without knocking. What if it wasn't me that was in here?" he asked. I finished brushing my teeth and looked at him. "Would it make a difference?" I asked him. "Who would you rather see naked? Me or one of the other guys?" he asked.

"I don't know. Why are we even having this conversation?"

He shrugged, "You should learn to knock." he said.

"You should learn to keep your pants on." I smiled and walked out the door. I still had plenty of time to get ready for prom. I was so intent on knowing who I was in love with, but the truth was that I'm in love with all of them. Yet, Louis was still my date to prom.

I walked out into the kitchen and the other boys were eating their breakfast. "Aren't you getting ready for prom?" Liam asked. "Yeah, I'll get ready after lunch." I said and sat down at the table next to Niall. "Have you decided on who you're taking?" Zayn asked. Harry entered the room moments after Zayn had asked the question.

Harry sat down beside me which finally made the table complete. "Yes, I have." I answered, but I knew they wanted a direct answer. I wasn't going to tell them. I didn't want to see their reactions. "Who?" Harry asked. Oh god why? I asked silently in my head. "What if she doesn't want to say who she's bringing?" Niall asked.

"It's not like she's taking all of us." Liam said.

"Of course she's not taking all of us." Louis stated.

"Then who are you taking?" Zayn asked.

"You guys really want to know?" I asked them.

"Yes." They all answered.

"Okay, I'll give you a hint. He lives in this house." I smiled, standing up and left the room. That'll give them plenty of time to figure out who I'm bringing. I didn't give them much, but it was enough to start with. I walked into Harry's room and hadn't realized that Harry had followed me to his room. I pulled out my dress from his closet. "Just tell me." he said.

"I'm not telling you who I'm taking Harry." I told him.

"Why not?" he asked.

"I'm afraid you'll be jealous. I know how much you care about me." I said.

"Me? Jealous? No way." he said. I rolled my eyes and took my dress into the bathroom. "I'm not going to be jealous." he added. Oh yeah? I raised my eyebrow and said, "I'm taking Louis." With that, I closed the door and locked it. I leaned against it and sighed.


Prom was held in grand ballroom at one of the hotels. My friends and I drove up in a limo. I had told Louis to meet me at the place because I didn't want to attract people just yet. Before we entered the ballroom, I spotted Louis at the entrance. He looked hot in a suit. "You look beautiful." he smiled, holding his arm out to me. "You're my hot date." I smiled, linking my arm with his.

As soon as we entered, many heads turned our way. I was one of the nominees for prom queen, along with Savannah and another girl named Jessica. I've never had this many eyes on me since the football and basketball games when I was in my cheerleading outfit. Many of those guys just wanted to have sex with me. That's how I felt right now.

The guys were looking at me like they were undressing me with their eyes and the girls, well, most were filled with jealousy because I brought Louis to prom. I honestly hate to say it, but I kind of like the attention. Louis and I walked over to where my friends and their dates were talking. "You two are such a cute couple. If only Louis went to our school, you two would be prom king and queen." Savannah smiled.

"Yeah, if only." I smiled at Louis. Shortly afterwards, my friends and our dates were dancing. The second the slow song started, I recognized the song from one of One Direction's albums. It was called: "Little Things." It was the sweetest song and it was one of my favorite songs.

My dreams had finally come true and my life was just about perfect. Being in Louis' arms and the feeling of him holding me close to him. How could anything be more perfect than that? After the song ended, Louis took me out of the room so we could get some alone time while everyone else was inside dancing.

"I'm having such a fun time." I smiled as we sat down in one of the chairs in the lobby. "Me too." Louis smiled as he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Harry said and we both pulled away. Harry approached us.

"Hey Harry." Louis greeted him. Harry didn't say anything back. Louis and I exchanged glances like we both knew this was going to happen. "Harry, I-" "Is this what you do behind your best friend's back? I told you that I love her." He sounded angry. The tone in his voice gave it all away. "Are you jealous Harry?" Louis asked, standing up.

I stood up, getting in between them. "Let's not fight, okay? Not here. Not at my prom. Harry, let's go outside. We'll talk." I looked at him, holding out my hand. Harry looked at my hand, then turned towards the front entrance. I looked at Louis, "You're the only person who can calm him down." he said. "I'll wait for you inside."  He leaned over and kissed my forehead, then walked inside.

I followed Harry outside. "You can't come in and start an argument like that." I said. He wasn't looking at me and I knew I hurt him. I chose Louis over him, but it had always been that way, even from the beginning. Yet, the time when Harry and I were on a date together when Louis was the one ignoring me, I felt like I was getting to know Harry better. The laughs were real and we weren't trying to impress each other to sleep together.

I reached up and turned his face to look at me. I caressed his cheek, "Harry, I'm really sorry I hurt you. Don't blame Louis for this. Blame me." I said. I could see it in his eyes what he was truly feeling. I pulled him into a hug and felt him hug me back. I felt him tighten a bit as he held me close and then he just let go. I stroked the back of his head while I hugged him.

"Sienna," He pulled away and looked at me. He had been crying, but his eyes had stopped making tears. Before we could say anything, Savannah walked outside. "You won Prom Queen." she told me, then looked at both of us. "I was interrupting something, wasn't I?" she asked. I nodded which signaled for her to go back inside and leave us alone.

"Congrats." he said. "Bye Sienna." He hugged me once again, then kissed my forehead and walked down the street. I hated to watch people leave. I had hurt Louis and now I had hurt Harry. I went back inside and was given my tiara once I entered the grand ballroom.


After prom was over, I got in the car with Louis and I told him to drive me to my house. He parked in front of the driveway. "Is this good bye Sienna?" he asked me. "I'm afraid so." I said with a sigh, then got out of his car and went inside my house. I leaned against the door and watched Louis back out of the driveway from the window. As soon as he was out of my sight, I began crying. Good bye wasn't going to be forever, but it felt like forever.

My decision was made. I was going to leave this place behind and start a new life in New York. I was going to forget all the memories that I've had here. Life wasn't going to be the same. Well, my life of course. I knew that I was going to regret this decision, but it was for the best. The other people out there, they don't know what it was like to meet the band called One Direction. They didn't know what it was like to live with them. They don't know what it's like to fall in love with all of them. They don't know about us.

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