They Don't Know About Us

Sienna enters a contest (with the help of her best friend) to spend one whole week with One Direction and unexpectedly wins. Having no other choice, she accepts. But later on, she gets all five guys to fall in love with her in one week. Who will she choose? Harry, the Flirt? Liam, the Smart one? Niall, the Funny one? Zayn, the Vain one? Or Louis, the Leader? When the week is over, Sienna's chance of being with one of guys is gone. Will she get another chance during her Senior Year?


2. Meeting Jitters

The last bell rang and school was finally over, for now. Savannah went to cheer practice, which meant I had to walk home alone. It wasn't fun that I was a Junior with a license but had no car. Well, I had a car but I had to share it with my parents. I walked out of the front doors and ran into someone. "Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there." A voice rang out. I blinked a few times to see who I had run into. I looked up to meet with a pair of green eyes. Our eyes met for a few moments. "Louis, c'mon... we have to meet the contest winner in a few minutes." Another voice called out. Sounds like Harry Styles. I thought to myself. "Coming!" Louis called out, then leaving me standing in a daze. Then it hit me. I was the contest winner.

I was still trying to process the fact that I had run into Louis Tomlinson. The guy of my dreams. He was much hotter in person. The guys walked back to the area where I was standing. "Do you know a girl named Sienna? We were told that she was winner of our contest." Harry asked me. The tone in his voice hinted that he was impatient. "My name's Sienna." I told him. "You're our contest winner?" Zayn asked. I gave him a nod. I saw Louis' eyes light up. He reminded me of a child on Christmas day.

"Since you're the contest winner, would you like for us to stay with you or..." Liam trailed off. "You should stay with us." Harry suggested. I looked away, feeling a bit insecure about what he said. "I don't think it's right. I mean, for a girl to be alone with five guys." I told them.

"How about each one of us stays with you for every day of the week?" Niall asked.

"I don't think that's fair." Zayn said.

"It is fair. The week doesn't start until Monday." I told them.

Harry smiled, "So it's settled. Who stays with you on the first night?"

"Don't pressure her Harry." Liam said.

"I volunteer to stay with her on the last night." Louis said. We all looked towards his direction. Louis and I alone on the last night of the entire week. That was a dream come true. "Fine." Harry said. Did Harry want to stay with me on the last night of the week too? Wait, does Harry like me? No, that's not possible. We just met. It was decided that I get Liam on the first night, then Zayn, Harry, Niall, and last but not least, Louis.

The limo arrived at the school to pick us up and dropped me off my house. I was told that Liam would be picking me up on Monday. I entered my house, closing the door behind me. I was a bit thankful my parents weren't around, but I was still a bit worried about being left alone in a house with a guy. I don't even want to think about what would happen. I did all my homework, took a quick shower and went to bed.

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