They Don't Know About Us

Sienna enters a contest (with the help of her best friend) to spend one whole week with One Direction and unexpectedly wins. Having no other choice, she accepts. But later on, she gets all five guys to fall in love with her in one week. Who will she choose? Harry, the Flirt? Liam, the Smart one? Niall, the Funny one? Zayn, the Vain one? Or Louis, the Leader? When the week is over, Sienna's chance of being with one of guys is gone. Will she get another chance during her Senior Year?


15. Alone with Louis

That Friday before prom, I went to the pier at 7 to meet Louis there. I still had no idea why he wanted me to meet him there. I was curious. When I arrived, I saw him leaning against a car. The car wasn't his; it was Liam's. I parked and got out of my car, then walked up to Louis. "You look beautiful as always." he smiled.

I couldn't help but blush and smile back. "Thanks." I wrapped a stray hair behind my ear as he held out his hand towards my direction. I looked at it for a moment, then took his hand. We walked until we reached a restaurant the over looked the ocean. "Hope you don't mind eating here for dinner." he smiled. I shook my head with a smile. "No, I don't mind at all."

We entered the restaurant and were led to our seats. I learned that Louis had reservations at the restaurant. I wonder if he planned this the whole week I was at their house and didn't want to say anything. We both sat down at the table, ordering our drinks and food.

While waiting, we began talking. "I've been waiting all week to talk to you Sienna." he said. "I can see how happy you are with the other guys." I'm happier with you. I thought to myself and looked down, knowing that there was a hint of truth in the statement. I am happy with the other guys, but Louis just didn't understand how much I longed for this moment. How much I longed to talk to him and even to see him.

"But I'm not as happy Louis." I told him. "Harry just admitted to me he's in love with you." Louis said. I was confused. "What?" I asked. "You heard me." he answered. Our food was served to us and so was our drinks. I took a few gulps of mine. I always did that when I was nervous was trying to stall. "Don't stall." he said.

"Things happen Louis. I'm okay with Harry and I being friends." I said.

"What about Liam? And Zayn? Speaking of Zayn, I heard you two kissed."

I didn't understand why Louis was getting jealous. Then it hit me. He was in love with me too. "How about Niall?" he asked. "I bet you two had loads of fun catching up." he added. "Louis, there's a few things you need to know before you start judging someone.

"First, I'm not in love with Harry even if he's in love with me. The first time Harry and I hung out, he was coming on to me. He was practically flirting with me and I had a feeling he was trying to get me in bed with him. Second, Liam and I watched Toy Story movies together. Liam's a great guy and a very good friend to both of us. He wouldn't want to hurt you, so I'm okay with him and I being friends. Third, Zayn and I kissed. A kiss is a kiss. When Zayn and I kissed, there was no spark. Nothing. Then there's Niall. He's funny and he makes me laugh. He loves to eat and that doesn't really bother me. I'll always see Niall as being a friend to me as well. My cute Irish friend.

'Lastly, you. When we met at school the day you guys were finding out who the girl was that won the contest, that was the moment I fell for you. You volunteered to stay with me that Friday and I was looking forward to spending a whole weekend with you. I'm willing to spend a whole weekend with you Louis. I'm going to keep my promise and I'm never going to break it." I placed my hand on top of his, gently caressing it.

"You really mean it?" he asked as I nodded and smiled. "I don't want us to be just friends Sienna."  he said. Did I hear that correctly? I asked myself, looking into his eyes. "I want to make you mine." he added with a smile. After the dinner and dessert, we paid for our meals and walked out onto the pier.

The moon was high in the sky and it was shining down on us like how it was at the carnival. We stood on the pier, facing each other as we looked into each other's eyes. "Will you be my date to prom?" I asked him with a smile. "If you want me to." he said. "Oh, I want you to." I smiled as I leaned in and kissed his lips.


Louis and I both drove back to the guys' house, entering the front door. "Back so soon?" Harry asked with a smirk. "What are you doing here? I thought you'd be with Catherine." I told him. He shrugged, "She gave up. The contest was just leading on girls who thought they had a chance with us."

I laughed silently in my head, but it was true. I don't know if I had been the only one to actually fall in love with them. "I think you have a better chance Sienna." Liam said. "You're probably right." I smiled, agreeing with Liam and then yawned. "I'm going to bed now. It's late and I have to get ready for prom tomorrow." I said.

"None of the rooms are going to be empty." Niall said.

"That's right." Liam said.

"What are we going to do?" Harry asked.

Harry was probably getting ideas, but there was no way I'd be sleeping with him tonight. "Can we not discuss this right now?" I asked them. They all looked at each other and knew I was right. I walked down the hallway, took a shirt from Louis' room, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and went straight to bed.

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