Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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2. Zayns house

Zayns POV                      

When we got home i showed Leah the house 
" Wow  your house is amazing or should i say amaZayn " she giggled there was some thing about her that made me like her, her hair was as dark as night and her eyes  were sea blue,  she was perfect in everyway i just wanted her to be mine all mine. i saw her walk around like a lost puppy it was sooo cute." Leah came her for a minute " i asked her. she did as she was told
                                    ( Zayns pool house)
 I took her hand, she hesitated , i turned around and looked at her  i saw her face she looked scared.
" Whats wrong love ?" i asked her
"W-where are you taking me ?" she stammerd the fright on her face getting stronger
"Whats wrong dont you trust me?" i asked her.
"I-i dont know " she said, at that moment my heart fell into my stomach.The girl that  i think im falling for doesnt trust me

Leahs POV 

As some as Zayn touched me all the horriable moments flashed  in my head .Slowly tears started to fall from my eyes Zayn saw and wipe them off
"Leah im sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable, i am really sorry " Zayn said
"No no its not you its....."  i felt more tears fall .Zayn wraped his arms around me giving me a kiss on the forehead
"Its ok you can tell me i wont hurt you, you can trust me." I told him about how my ex boyfriend hit me and how i dont trust people easily but i told him that i trusted him. He smiled and said"Do you wanna watch a movie ?" i nodded my head, he smiled and went over to the  movie shelf and pick up paranormal activity 3.
"no zayn please im scared" i said
"oh come on i'll protect you "sniggerd Zayn
"you better  pretty boy" i giggled  Zayn put the movie in and half way throught the movie i was on top of  Zayn, he kept on kissing my forehead  which made me blush .Evertime he did that  it made me feel more and more safe. I think im starting to fall for him! "No that cant happen i dont want to get hurt again or hurt him. " i thought to myself .Slowly i fell asleep i felt someone pick me up and that caused me to wake up.I opened my eyes to see Zayn , he lay me down  i kept my eyes shut so he thought i was asleep. " Leah i know we just met but i think im falling for you, your the most beautiful girl ive ever seen"he took along breath " I want you to be mine all mine , i promise i'll never hurt you baby," he sighs "look at me im so stupid i dont even have the guts to say it to your face " with that zayn left  i got up letting everthing sink in.

Zayns POV

Im so stupid she likes me as a friend but i wanna go and ruin it,  i was really stressed so decided to take s cigerate out and smoke it. I saw Leahs light up she  wasnt asleep ,SHIT what if she heard everthing.Im such a dick no no this cant be happening. I threw my cigerate and went upstair to Leahs room to see her a sleep i took a  sigh of relif. Turned off the light and went to sleep in my room. 
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