Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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3. Truth or dare

Leah's POV.                                                                           I couldn't believe it Zayn liked me, why  did he like me I'm ugly no one ever liked me. I was never popular, I was a loser that everyone picked on. No one ever loved me I spent all night thinking of what Zayn said, what if I did feel the same way. The next morning I saw the guys were here and they were all watching t v while Liam was making breakfast " Good morning everyone." I said.There were a chorus of mornings  and hi.I walked over to Liam and asked him if he needed help, "im fine go sit with the guys love" he smiled. I pouted knowing Liam will give up sooner or later and he did.                      (breakfast skip and it's late afternoon ).                                 Zayns POV.                                                                                We all came back from watching A rose petal (pretend  its a movie ) " Lets play truth or dare" Harry   Said. I saw Leah smile at Niall, I was getting jealous they've been like this since the morning.                     " Ok Leah you first, truth or dare ?" Louis asked           "ummmm.      Dare " Leah said proudly. A sinister smile came on Louis face " I dare  you to kiss Niall" I saw Leah hesitate but she got up sat on Nialls lap wraped her arms around his neck and place her lips on his I could tell they were enjoying it . I couldn't help it I got up and ran outside to a place only I knew of just me no one, not Leah I can't believe this my best friend just kissed the girl I like, could  life get any worse. Leahs POV I didnt like kissing Niall,he was a good kisser but i didnt feel anything. I pulled away from Niall, he was blushing I looked around.NO ZAYN! "Where did Zayn go ?" i aked the guys " He ran out when you and Niall were having a snog feast"Liam answerd bluntly.I qickly rushed outside loking for Zayn,I looked for hours and hour but still no Zayn the gguys looked as well they couldnt find him. I went to my special place , the place i went to when life was too much and that place just helped me clear my mind. i couldnt stop thinking about Zayn, he was all i could think about . I got there and saw a quiff  with blonde highlights, i shook my head thinking im going crazy. "im so stupid why would she ever love me, i  should be happy Niall found his princess, even though he stole mine " i heard Zayn mumble what is he talking about me and Niall are just friends nithing else. "Zayn" i called him, he looked at me. I ran up to him and smashed my lips on his! Slowly i found him kissing back, he smiled into the kiss. Zayns POV   As soon as her lips were on mine i felt fireworks bombs and much more. She traveled her hands to my hair and played with it. Then she pulled away  "Zayn thers nothing between me and Niall but that doesnt mean we can be together" as she said that my heart fell into my stomache. "im sorry Zayn i dont want to get hurt again, if my heart breaks again i wont be able to bare it" she said with tears starting to fall. I quickly wiped hem away  and made her look at me rubbing her cheecks "baby i promise to never hurt you please just give me a chance and i'll prove to you that i can treat you right"i said.She looked at her sparckling blue eyes covered in tears "promise" she said bringing her pinky out " i promise" i said wrapping my pinky around hers. she smilled as i wiped her tears away and kissed her forehead "all i get "she saud pouting a bit. i gave her a peck and she smiled    "come on,the guys are worried about you" she said pecking my nose. WOW i could get use to this

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