Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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8. The plan

Zayns POV

After I walked out the door I thought about going to see Yasmin

"Can I see Yasmin Wilkinson please" I told the lady  she smiled and took me to Yasmin. I looked at her she looked just like Leah, specially her eyes, just as beautiful as Leahs

"Who the hell are you?" I heard a deep voice yell. I saw a tall blonde man walk over a take Yasmin out of her cot.

"I'm Leah's boyfriend,Zayn Malik"  I said  taking my hand out


"Jake Hydson" he said shaking my hand  Im going to tell Jake about my plan and im sure he'll be happy to know that they're going to be a family again.

Jakes POV

  Zayn thinks Yasmin is mine and Leah's daughter. I think I should take the chance and ruin Leah's life like she ruined mine !  "Yeah soo what do you think?" Zayn said

"Yeah I think it'll work. Thank you soo much I'm sure  Yasmin will be happy that mummy's coming  back" i said trying to seem sweet.

Zayns POV

Its to get this plan into action I thought to myself . I went home to see Leah fast asleep in my bed so I went and slept on hers and I called Jen, one of my old friends

"Jen came over I want a movie marathon with you" I told her


" What now ?"Jen said  "Please Jen your my best friend"  Eventualy Jen agreed. I decided to tell her about Yasimin and Leah, she said i was wrong and i should just ask Leah is she still has feelings for Jake.

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