Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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17. Phew!!

Harry's POV

i woke up to see Leah screaming in her sleep, she was crying and had sweat all over her. I went over to her and kissed her forehead to get her to calm down but it didn't work, I remembered when Zayn did that it always worked. 
" you" she mumbled in her sleep. Just then I felt bad for what I did, I knew Zayn loves Leah and she loves him. I just had to go and ruin everything, I know she will never love me as much as se loves him.
"ZAYN" Leah scream and shot up from bed, she was panting and had tears falling from her eyes.
"Harry we have to go, I'm scared about Zayn." she cried harder "if I didn't over react he would be in this mess. I should have forgave him, he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing" I swallowed hard
"Yeah, your right you and Zayn are perfect for each other and you should forgive him" she looked at me smiling 
"Yeah I should, I'm sooo sorry Harry" I smiled and kissed her forehead.
"best friends?" 
"forever" she smiled. I wanted her to be happy and her happiness is with Zayn not with me. Like the old quote, if you love something set it free if it cames back it's met to be (I think thats how it goes) 

Louis POV

I hate Harry so much now. How could he do that to Zayn, his best mate. I decided from now on I won't ever talk to Harry or even look at him!!!
"I called Patricia and she's going to be here in an hour (I know it would take longer but just pretend)" Liam said as he walked into the room Zayn was in, yeah he was ok but he might be in coma. Niall sat there looking at Zayns lifeless body.
"Do you think he's going to be ok?" he as looking as if he might cry.
"he's strong Niall, he'll be fine." I told him while hugging him. Just then Leah and Harry walked in. My blood boiled seeing Harry here, I didnt blame Leah. 

Leah's POV

We walked into Zayns hospital room
"WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE?!?!" Louis yelled.
"Lou please I just want to see him, I'm scared I might lose him. I don't want to lose him, I love him too much." I said crying. Louis walked over and hugged me.
"not you Leah, Harry get the fuck outta here now." he said as calmly as he could. I turned around and looked at Zayns lifeless body, he jet black hair in a mess, his tan skin pale and most of all his beautiful brown eyes closed so I couldn't look at them. I sat there and cried and cried and cried until I felt myself fall asleep.

Zayns POV 

I woke up in a diffrent room it was white and dull. I loked next to me to see Leah asleep, my beautiful baby girl had tear stains running across her face. I gently pulled her on top off me. I smiled as she snugled into my chest, how could I ever cheat ons wonderful girl like this.
"Zayn,baby boy your ok"mum said running into the rom, she started to cry.
"mum please don't cry I'm ok" I said squeezing her hand. She nodded and wiped her tears. She looked down at Leah and smiled.
"She's Leah isn't she? She's the girl who's got you crazy in love" my mum laughed.
"I wouldnt just say crazy I would also say madly" Liam said from the door.
"yeah" Louis said laughing. They all walked up to me 
"mate you got us all scared expecially Leah" Niall said walking into the room. I nodded realising how much pain I put her through. We all talked for a minute and then the nurse came in and told them to leave.
"BYE ZAYN" Louis shouted.

Leahs POV

"BYE ZAYN" I heard someone scream. I looked up to see Zayn looking down at me and I was on top of him.
"thank god your ok" I said starting to cry.
"baby don't cry I have made you cry enough times, plwease stop" he said wiping my tears away. I looked up at him and smiled.
"I'm sorry for what happened before" he mummbled in my hair.
"do you think if I didn't forgive you I would be here" I laughed  with slapping his arm.
"aww that hurt" he said pouting.
"I'm sorry Zaynie" I said with kissing him. He pulled me closer to him and stroked my cheek. He licked my bttom lip and I allowed him to enter, he explored my mouth and I felt bombs and explosions go off in my stomache. Every time we kissed I always fell in love with him all over again.
"I want you to meet my family"Zayn pouted. I was shocked realising what he just said.
"Leah please,i know its early but I love you so much I want you to meet m family." 
"I promise we'll go meet your family  soon but we need to tell your fans about us" Zayn smirked and looked at a picture of us and tweeted it.

@zaynmalik:me and my beautiful girlfriend :D hope you guys love her as much as I do

Harrys POV

I sat there on the sofa, I could stop thinking about what a horrible person I am. I did that to MY best friend and he nearly died because of me. I nearly spoilt Leah's life. One thing I know for sure is that the guys HATE me now (I know that would never happen)
"What did I do?" I said aloud. I couldn't help but start to cry. Tears were welling up and I couldnt hold it in anymore.

The next morning

I went on to twitter to check my profile and I saw one of Zayns tweets telling everyone about him and leah. I was happy that they made up but it still hurt a bit. I was going to the hospital today to see Zayn. I walked in to the room to see Zayn asleep and Leah next to him playing with his hair.
"morning" I said as I walked up to them.
"morning Harry" she smiled.
"Nice to know you guys made up and told the fans about yourself " I told.
"Babe who are you talking to?" Zayn grumbled snuggling his face into Leah's neck.
"don't you think it's time to wake up Zaynie poo" I told him. He looked up and smiled,
"Morning Harry" he said getting up. "I'm going to change ok"
"I'll go get you breakfast" Leah said getting up.
"thanks beautiful" he said kissing her forehead. They left me there in the room.

5 minutes later

"time to get up lovebirds" I heard Louis shout. I got up and looked at him.
"What are YOU doing here?" he hissed.
"look Zayns as much as my friend as he is yours ok, so if I want to visit him I will" I snapped.
"a fucktard like you probably doesn't even know what friendship means" I got angry. I decided to punch Louis in the face and he punched back twice as hard
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