Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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10. My past

Leah's POV

"I wanna know about your past." he suddenly asked as we lay in bed watching  Beastliy. I felt myself start to shake, thinking about my past

"Zayn, promise me you won't pity me after I tell you. Your gonna treat me just like you do now, no change what so ever" he nodded and pecked my lips, pouting just like a little boy. I smiled and snugled into him                            


I walked home from school from another day of school bullying, I walked into the house and straight into the bathroom to do my everyday cutting. I sat there as the blade  skim past my wrist and red blood dring down like niagra, making little droplets on the floor

. "Leah what are you doing?"I heard my sister Maria shout. She ran upto me bringing a cloth with her and wiping the blood off my wrist while tears fell down from her eyes "You need to stop, it's not good for you just tell me how you feel instead of cutting. Your gonna hurt yourself, I don't wanna lose you like I lost mum." Maria choked out.

"I'm sorry Maria but its hard you've never had something like  this happen to you. Having an abusive exboyfriend, getting bullied cause everyone thinks your a slag. Your and jakes relationship is perfect even though you have a baby at a young age. One thing I know for sure is that Yasmin is lucky to have parents like you two."I told her as I got up and walked to my room. That night me and Maria got into a fight about my cutting

The next morning

"Stop it Maria I don't want to go to school!"I yelled at her as she pulled me into a car, she started to drive me to school

"Stop being a bitch and shut the fuck up! We're going to school and that's final." she screamed

"BITCH  I HATE YOU!" was the last thing I said before everything blanked out. I woke up hours later surrounded by doctors and nurses

"hey baby how are you feeling?" my dad asked me. I couldn't remember anything but the fact that Maria pushed me out of tha way.

"wheres Maria?" I asked him. He swallowed really hard and I saw some tears fall

"sweetie she didn't make it" he told me gently                       

                                                                                                   (end of flashback)

I looked at Zayn to see him in tears "baby I'm sooo sorry" he said hugging me.


"I love you so much" i told him while kissing his lips. He smiled


"I love you more"

"not possible"


"very possible" as he said that he picked up my top and blew raspberrysall over it causing me to jump around like a fish out of water.

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