Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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7. Maria

Leah's POV

"No baby I'm your auntie, mummy's not here, she's gone, she's with Allah" I told Yasmin. Tears started to fall from my eyes, I remembered my sister and how she was the only one in my family that could read me like a book
"sorry mam but you have to go now Mr Hydson told us to keep Yasmin away from you" the lady told me. I nodded my head knowing Jake, my sisters Marias boyfriend. He thought Maria's death was my fault and didn't want Yasmin to be around me. He cant even stand the sight of my face that's why I met Yasmin in a care hous. I walked home thinking about the times me and Maria had.i walked I'm the house to see Zayn was up
"hi" I smiled 
"Where did you go?" he asked looking angry
"I just went for a walk"I lied. I walked over to hug him but he pushed me away and walked out of the house
"What's wrong with him" I said to myself.
For the rest of the day Zayn was out, I didn't worry because I knew it was probebly because of work.

Please tell me what you think,if  you have any ideas I'm  happy  to take them. I would really like this to be popular so please heart it and please give it a shout out  if you can, it would mean a lot to me and I used Allah because I'm a Muslim and I hope you don't have a problem with that. Yes Leah, the main character is one too. I'm not being racist, I thought it would be easier if they both where muslims.
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