Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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5. First date

Leah's POV

I woke up in Zayns arms,  he looked so cute and peaceful. I wiggled out of his grip and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I came out the room and saw Zayn fixing his hair. I went over  and wrapped my hands around his waist 
 "Good moring " I smiled. He turn around to face me. I met his beautiful brown eyes, I saw them trevel from my eyes to my lips. I leaned in and brushed my lips against Zayns, I heard him moan.
"Zayn we havent even had breakfast yet and you want to make out,your really bad" he smirked
"But I'm you Bradford bad boy" I giggled 

We  went down stairs and I made breakfast,Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck which caused me  to moan.
"Zayn stop, I have to make breakfast "
" I don't want breakfast I want you" he said smirking. He pick me up and lay me down on the sofa and got on top of me and tickkled me 
"Zayn stop, please, Zayn " I said between laughts. He carried on 
"Zayn stop im gonna pee myself " all of sudden he stopped 
" you look cute when you laugh" he said moving a piece of hair from my face. I wrapped my arms around his neck  and pulled him down and kissed him. He lick my bottom lip for entrance and I let him in, he explored my mouth, enjoying every second of it. 

Zayns POV

Me and Leah were going on or first date today, I'm taking her somewhere no one will think about taking her,she's going to love it. 
"Leah can you be quick and get down stairs" I asked her. After a while I saw her walk down the stairs she looked amazing. Her jet black hair in curls and a beautiful blue dress to match her bright blue eyes.
"Zayn, what do you think?" she asked looking nervous. I walked over and pecked her lip
" you look amazing baby girl" We both walked outside and I  took her to the lake.
"Zayn this is wonderful, no ones ever done something like this for me ever." she said as her eyes traveled from the candles to the rise petals and the picnic space. We both sat down and ate our dinner. After we finished we both lay down and looked at the stars.
"Yeah"she asked. I looked at her beautiful eyes and leaned in and as soon as I felt her soft lips on mine, it was like world war. She wrapped her legs around my waist and after 3 minutes we pulled away from each other, no matter how hard we tried to make it longer we couldn't deny that we needed oxygen. Our foreheads were joint
"Leah I know we only just met and only just been on our first date but I love you. It's ok if you don't know if you love me yet I " Leah interrupted me
"Zayn, I love you too. Promise me you won't leave me, ok" I nodded and kissed her once more. 
"Love I think we should get home ts getting late"she nodded and we both went home.

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