Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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14. Drunk

Harry's POV Today we planned to go to the pub and I had set up a girl to get Zayn to cheat on Leah, all I had to do was get Zayndrunk as hell. "Zayn are you ready to go?" Liam asked "yeah mate I'm coming" he replied. I watched as Zayn walked up to Leah an kissed her forehead "I'll be back soon baby" he told her "Have fun!!" Leah shouted while we walked out of the house. I watched as Zayn walk over the bar and got a drink. " I bet you can't take more shots then me in a minute" I told him " your on" Zayn laughed but one thing he didn't know was that I payed the bartender to give me water instead of shots. I watched as Zayn took some 29 shots in a minute and I took 25 "shots" " Yayyyyyyyy I win" Zayn slurred. "I guess you do" I told him. I looked at the stripper that I had payed to came and grind on Zayn. I sat next to Liam and watched Zayn and Kelly (stripper) grind on each other and slowly Zayn moved in and kissed her "Harry why are you not drinking?" Liam asked. "Just don't feel like it" I told him. Nows my chance I can call Leah and tell her to came. "Can I ask Leah to came I'm bored" I asked Liam "yeah I'm bored too call her" I walked outside and dialled Leahs number "hey" she laughed " what's wrong bored without me?" "yes please came I'm soo bored without you" I moaned  "alright I'm coming to the rescue" she laughed. I waited 5 minutes and Leah came. "Hey curly" she smiled and hugged me "came on let's go inside" I said pulling her. Leahs POV I was really confused, I didn't get why Harry was being so pushy. I walked into the pub, music blasting and drunk people dancing. I saw something it looked like Zayn was kissing some blonde haired girl, I watched as he started to pull up her top and kiss her stomache before I knew it I had tears falling from my eyes. I ran out of the pub, I heard Harrys voice calling my name. I ran as fast as my legs could take me until I couldn't run anymore my legs got weak I collapsed on the floor crying my eyes out, I felt Harry pull me on to his lap. "I'm sorry Leah, he's just stupid to cheat on you" he told he as he rubbed circles into my back  "No Harry, that girls beautiful and tall while I'm ugly and short, I would chose her over me as well" I cried "No Leah your the beautifullest girl i have ever seen and let me tell you one thing thats good about Being short. Ever time I hug you, you can hear my heart beat and it only beats for you, just you" he told me. I looked up at him  "that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me" I couldn't help but lean in and press my lips on to his, they were just so soft and they tasted of cherry, he licked my bottom lip for entrance an I have it to him, his kiss was soft an full of passion. He stroked my cheek while kissing. "I love you" Harry said against my lips, I hesitated and he saw " it's ok if you don't love me back" "no Harry I just don't know of I do yet" I told him. He smiled and kissed me again  "its fine" he smiled. He picked me up and carried me bridal style and put me on a bench. "You ok?" he asked  "Yea i am" I told him " I just can't believe Zayn would do that" as I said that I burst into tears. Harry kissed the top of my head and pulled me on to his lap "I promise I won't ever hurt you,ever" he told told me. I nuzzeled me head into his neck, I slowly felt my self fall asleep. Hope you liked it  Plz tell me what you think is going to happen. Is Zayn gonna get her back or is she gonna be Harry's.  Sorry for not updating a lot

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