Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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13. Dieing and baby talk

Leah's POV

 I can't believe what just happened Harry just kissed me, why would he do that. I sat there in the guest room thinking about what just happen

"Leah I'm going to the shops to get some food it may take a while"he shouted from downstairs. Yes this is my chance, I can cut when he's gone. I waited to hear the front door close. As soon as it did I ran to the bathroom to cut, I longed to feel the pain and watch the blood drip from my wrists. I sat there on the cold floor getting ready to cut, I brought the  blade close to my wrist,suddenly I felt dizzy,I felt like I was dieing

"I love you Zayn"was the last the last thing I said before everything blackened out.

Zayns POV

I decided to go to Harry's  house, I wanted to see Leah I missed her so much. I walked to harrys front door and knocked for about five minutes. No one must be in I thought to myself. I decided to go in and wait for them to came back. I went in I could hear noises from upstairs. I walked up the stairs and went past the bathroom

"I love you Zayn" that was what I heard before  and big bang. I opened the door to see Leah on the floor with a razor next to her.I walked over and checked her arms, she couldnt cut herself. I her xitis got to her before she could. I took her to my house leaving Harry  a note saying that we made up.

Leahs  POV

I woke up in a familiar room, it was mine and Zayns. I looked around the room thinking how did I get here? I looked down and saw Zayn asleep on the floor  next to the bed. I pulled my hand away from his

"W...What.....Leah  your awake. OMG you scared the life out of me" he said as tears fell from his eyes.

"Zayn leave me alone, I wanna go back to Harrys house" I told him.

"Leah I'm sorry please forgive me please" he said crying. I watched him slide his back down the wall. "Cheating on you was the stupidest thing I have ever  done" he said while hiding his face " I thought you died, do you know what would have happened if you killed yourself? I would have died just to be with you." I walked over to him.

"Baby look at me"I said while moving his hands from his face. He looked up at me his light brown eyes bloodshot

"Leah I.." I cut him of with a kiss, his soft lips in sync with mine. His lips tasted like salt from all the tears. He pulled me on to his lap. I wraped my hands around his neck as he stoked my cheeck. After minuetes of making out we pulled away from each other

" you forgive me?"he asked pouting. I laughed and peck his lips nodding, he smiled

" I love you more than anything in this world"

" I love you more than life itself" I told him giggling. It was late night so I slept with Zayn

"Zayn what are you doing?" I asked as he shuffled around

"I can't sleep" he told me sighing. I patted my stomache. He smiled and place his head there. I felt him roll up my top

"Zayn I swear if you going to tickle me" I warned him

" I just want to kiss it that's all" he said giving me the puppy eyes " go ahead" he gave me a kiss on my stomache

" do you think we could have a baby"Zayn asked

" yeah of course we can but not now later" I smiled

" I can't wait till we have a mini me or you running around  the place"

"yeah neither can I" I told him.

"I  love you" I said while stroking his hair

"I love you too"he mumbled. I started to think about the kiss Harry and I shared, I thought about telling Zayn.

"it was probably just an accident" I said to myself. Slowly I drifted to sleep

Harrys POV

I walked into the house and saw a note it said that Zayn and Leah got back together. I HATE the idea of Leah and Zayn being together she should be with me not him. He's such a good friend he didn't even let me have one girl!! I'm going to spoil their relationship and Zayns carrier, the band would be way better without that DICK!!!!     



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