Scared to love-zayn malik

Zayn and Leah are perfect for each other but Leah has a secret that can ruin everything. Will Zayn break her fear of falling in love and losing them or will she be like this FOREVER
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1. The meeting

Leahs POV

I walked  into my dads office to talk to him about my flat, it had leaked beacause of the stupid people up stairs had left water running in the bath.
"Hi Leah i have see you in ages, how have you been?" Mary the receptionist asked
"Im fine how are you ? Can  i go see my dad ?" i asked her  she smiled and replied
" Im great  and sure you can go see your dad but he might be in a meeting " I ran up to the lift and pressed 5 and waited, it stoped i got off and went to his office. i could hear singing " wow this is weird  singing in this place" i thought .I opened the door to reveal 5 boys i recognised them as THE ONE DIRECTION. I saw zayn smile at me and it caused me to  blush.He walked up to me "Hi you must be Leah,  your dad told us that you might came here. Love hes gone to new york for buissness. " Then he was interupted by Louis
"He told us about your flat and we told him you could stay with us " he smiled
"wouldnt that be weird you dont even know me " Those were the first words i said to them
" We would love to make friends with you, you seem really nice and yuor dad told us a lot about you" Liam said .After a while i finally gave in and i was going to live with one dirction, i bet any girl would love to be in my place . It was quite in the car .Fianally Harry broke the silence by saying
"Leah your going to be staying with Zayn if thats ok?"
"Thats fine as long as Zayn talks to me insed of being quite like he isnow" i said looking back at Zayn, he smiled at me."wow Zayn has a nice smile " i thought. We all talked about random things the rest of the journey,  im know im gonna like living with these boys, they all are so diffrent in their own ways.

A/N: hope you like it:) I'm new at movellas so I don't really write a lot. Sorry for any mistakes:)

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