Cute Quotes

These are some quotes I can relate with...
I hope it's relates with you as well


16. Sixteen

Okay so now picture this, You're a part of the 

biggest boy band in the world with your best

friend. You and him are really close. Now 

imagine having thousand and thousand of

people assuming you are gay because you're so

close. Now imagine having a girlfriend and still

having people think you're gay and calling it a 

cover up. How would you and your girlfriend

feel? Imagine having to put up with deluded

teenage girls everyday who think you love life

is some kind of conspiracy. Imagine having

thousands of people being so certain they

know you sexuality better than you do that 

think your management is some sort of group

of crazy antagonists bent on making your life a

heterosexual misery. Imagine not being able to

act the same way around your best friend in the

eye of public because you know your ''fans''

will get the wrong impression.



If you know who I am talking about in this story comment below. I need someone to talk to about these sort of things.... 

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