Cute Quotes

These are some quotes I can relate with...
I hope it's relates with you as well


14. Fourteen

Your favorite band isn't your favorite band just because of the music. Yes that's a huge part, but it's also their personalities. It's when finding out that their not coming city that ruins the week. If you've seen them live, You know the date by heart. It's the  fact that their video's can make you smile with tears streaming down your face. You can make fun of them just like with your best friend. You do chores just to earn enough to buy a Ticket, CD, t-shirt or DVD. You fall in love with their personalities. You cry because your proud of them. You defend them with your life. For some people they've saved their lives. You love the crew like you love the band. They're the reason that you know some of your best friends. They mean everything to you.




Okay guys, So it's true that I was aiming at One Direction, Cause they are THEY ARE amazing.

I know the 2 most important people in life because of them: Simran and Lex I don't know what I would do without you guys.


Stop hating and admit that you've got someone special as well. Who you love more than your life. For us it's some band. So get over it. Stop hating and Stop judging cause someone is judges you as well. 


The God

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